Teachers During Staff Meetings: As Told By Shark Tank

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While we may not be negotiating multi-million dollar business deals, the facial expressions and reactions of the “sharks” in the popular entrepreneurial investment show, Shark Tank, are quite familiar for teachers. The highly-dreaded teacher staff meeting is a place of mixed emotions, raised tensions, and pure aggravation, written all over every face in the room. Whether they’re during your prep time or at the end of a long day, staff meetings are never something to look forward to, and almost always a complete waste of valuable time.

1. When they start the meeting with a high-energy ice-breaker…

Ashton Kutcher "I'm out" gif

2. When the speaker says something that makes no sense…

Lori Greiner shocked face

3. Throwing out a random “wow” or two, so it sounds like you’re interested…

Mark Cuban "Wow"

4. Trying to keep your eyes open…

Daymond John falling asleep face

5. When you want to speak your mind, but hold back so it doesn’t last any longer…

Barbara Conan, "What?" face

6. Pretending to take notes while you make a to-do list of all the things you could be getting done, right now…

Daymond John writing notes

7. When you’re trying to figure out why this couldn’t have just been an email…

Mark Cuban "Are you kidding me?" face

8. When you want to say something, but people keep cutting you off…

Mr Wonderful trying to speak

9. When admin starts lecturing about why you shouldn’t lecture in your class…

Daymond John "Wait what?" face

10. When you’ve sat through this same exact meeting for the past 10 years, and you feel dead inside…

Robert Herjavec "Dead inside" look

11. When they start talking about cutting budgets left and right…

Lori Greiner "You can't do that"

12. When two co-workers arguing just made the meeting a little entertaining…

Robert Herjavec being entertained

13. When admin asks what teachers would like to see more of, this school year…

Mr Wonderful "Money." gif

14. When admin starts telling you how to run your classroom…

Robert Herjavec closing notebook laughing

15. When that person keeps asking questions, prolonging the meeting another 15 minutes…

Ashton and Mr Wonderful "Are you kidding me" look

16. When the meeting is finally over…

Lori Greiner throws arms in the air "Whooo"

Teachers during staff meetings: as told by Shark Tank Pinterest cover

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