10 Things That Happen to Teachers Every January

It’s a new year! For most people, that means a fresh start, a clean slate to make healthy life changes and plan all the good things you will do over the next 12 months. But for teachers, January means back-to-school. And back-to-school brings a whole bunch of emotions. Here’s an idea of the classic teacher life during the month of January. Happy New Year everyone!

1. Writing the wrong year when putting the date on the board every day…

Key and Peele substitute teacher skit breaking clipboard over knee "son of a bitch!" gif

2. Confiscating all the new toys the kids got for Christmas and play with during class…

Simpsons teacher showing Marge a doll with a knife hidden inside of its head gif

3. Playing show-and-tell with all the new clothes you got for Christmas with your teacher friends…

girls from movie Birdesmaids slow walk off plane gif

4. Eating all the leftover holiday cookies and cakes in the break room (so much for that New Year diet!)…

Simpsons evidence table full of donuts gif

5. Bringing caffeine back as a staple in your daily diet…

woman smiling with coffee mug "help me" gif

6. Eating ramen for a couple weeks because you have no money left after Christmas presents and not being paid for 2 weeks…

man eating ramen noodles with hot sauce out of beard with chopsticks gif

7. Listening to students talk about every present Santa brought them…

Inside Out Disney teacher brain gif

8. Listening to your colleagues complain about all the time they had to spend with their families…

Looking bored GIF

9. Praying for snow days (if you live in the North) and laughing at everyone stuck in the snow (if you live in the South)…

John Snow Game of Thrones in the snow cold gif

10. Starting the countdown to Spring Break…

black and white film old tear-off calendar changing days gif

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