12 Times Teachers Actually Had Fun Grading

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Who got the last laugh? The students or the teachers while they were grading!

1. This project that was supposed to be on “Euthanasia”…

2. This student who is pretty strong at forging signatures…

3. This guy who’s had enough of school already…

4. This spelling bee champion…

Checking papers today. JUSQ. #Teacher #Duty #LOL #StudentFail #WTF #biodegradable

A post shared by Crystal Gayle (@nightingayle17) on

5. The next Pablo Picasso…

Apparently this is a chicken… #studentfail #sigh #phonicsclass #wrong #baddrawing #fail @evil_mui @sarrahtsai

A post shared by vava (@vavatam) on

6. This student who was just following directions…

worksheet: circle every number zero. The zero in 10 is circles and marked wrong.via imgur

7. These witty kids with a poor sense of grammar…

8. This clever student whose self-esteem might be higher than his/her test scores…

worksheet: question - "How do you know 68 is an even number?" answer - "Because I'm smart."via reddit.com / whitlgr

9. This one listens too much to his/her parents talking…

worksheet unscramble the word: "tsih" - answer written: "shit"via imgur

10. This student who thinks Cassius Clay is the founder of al-Qaeda…

student poster about Barrack Obama with writing: "He signed the health care bill and killed Muhammad Alli"via reddit.com

11. This explicit spelling error…

worksheet: use him in a sentence - answer: "Did yo give him the dick wif milk?" -correction: "Did you give him the dish with milk?"via imgur

12. This student who’s more of a visual learner…

math assignment - "expand this equation" student just wrote the equation with more space in between each numbervia imgur

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