10 Thoughts That Go Through A Teacher’s Mind On Pay Day

Thoughts through a teacher mind on Pay Day Featured image

Teachers know they didn’t get into this profession for the money and fame, that’s for sure. We get up in the morning and march back into the circus, coffee mug in hand, with high hopes for our students. We hope that they’ll feel loved, that they learn something from every lesson we sacrifice our social lives creating, and that they walk out of the school a better and smarter human being, every day. Our energy is fueled by our passion for education and our desire to make a difference. When we see a student have an “aha” moment, we feel good about our career choice, and truly believe we are changing the world, one student at a time.

But then pay day hits… We get our paychecks, and a whole wind of disappointment and discouragement sweeps through and knocks us off our feet. It’s demoralizing and makes us question how we can keep doing what we do. Here are a few things that go through a teacher’s mind on pay day.

1. There must be some kind of typo, I think there’s a zero missing at the end of this number…

Lady doing math

2. OK, time to spend half of this on some more classroom supplies, to replace all the ones that disappeared this month!

Lady throwing cash at cashier

3. I hope I won’t be hungry for the next couple weeks, so I can pay my bills…

"But I like food" gif

4. OK, I think it’s time I signed up for VIPKID, to start making some extra money with my teaching skills…

VIPKID student taking a class on computer with teacher waiving

5. Why did I go get 2 college degrees, a teaching certification, state license, and attend conferences every year for professional development, again?!?

"Why" gif

6. Man, I’ll never be able to pay back all my student loans! Why didn’t I think of inventing something like fidget spinners!?

Weathermen playing with fidget spinner

7. Deep breaths, deep breaths. All the vomit, snot, and germs you surround yourself with every day is for a bigger cause…

Lady taking deep breaths

8. Wait… how much can I make with VIPKID? Up to $22 per hour?? SIGN ME UP!

VIPKID student taking class online with American teacher

9. Where’s my overtime pay for all the hours I spent grading, lesson planning, and inputting data after school and at home? Oh wait, I do that for free…

Teacher counting down on fingers

10. If one more person says anything about how lucky teachers are for getting school breaks, I might lose it on them…

"How dare you" gif

What else goes through your mind on pay day? Let us know in the comments below!

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