12 Things On Teachers’ Minds During Staff Meetings

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Do you ever feel like the days just tick away, overwhelmed with paperwork, grading, giving tests, and sitting through endless staff meetings? You’re not alone… There never seem to be enough hours in the day, yet we’re forced to waste countless hours sitting through meeting after meeting. And so our minds wander…

1. “I wonder if there are any more of those delicious cookies in the break room…”

Lizzie Mcguire Cartoon cartoon Lizzie eating cookies gifvia Giphy

2. “I can think of 1,000 more important things I could be using this time for…”

older African American woman on news "Ain't nobody got time for that" gifvia Giphy

3. “I wonder if I can fall asleep with my eyes open…”

Charles Barkley falling asleep gifvia Giphy

4. “Maybe I should download that CVued app everyone is talking about, and go overseas to teach for a year or two… I could see the world AND make better money than I am now…”

CVued.com app gifDownload the FREE app now at CVued.com!

5. “Uh oh, I should probably eat that confiscated chocolate bar before it melts in my desk drawer…I wonder if it’s still good…”

lady eating a 100 grand chocolate bar gifvia Giphy

6. “I can’t forget to stop at the store on the way home to do some grocery shopping… Do I even have enough money in my account for that?”

Cameron Diaz Bad Teacher moving jaw around gifvia Giphy

7. “Please don’t ask me a question, please don’t ask me a question, I’m not in the mood…”

Kevin from The Office with hat and sunglasses outside of bus "I just want to lie on the beach and eat hot dogs" gifvia theelectricsouperman.tumblr.com

8. “Did you seriously just ask a question, right before the meeting was about to end?! What is wrong with you!?”

Scully from X-Files looking surprised gifvia hulu.com

9. “I can’t believe I’m listening to this! This guy seriously has no idea what he’s talking about, holy crap!”

blonde female with hands on face frustration gifvia Giphy

10. “Woo hoo! That’s a new high score in Candy Crush!”

girl with glasses screaming and cheering "YES!" gifvia Giphy Originals

11. “I wonder if all these teachers on Pinterest update their boards during staff meetings, too…”

female with cell phone looking around expressionless gifvia popxo.com

12. “Over here, over here! Yoo hoo! Look at the text I just sent you!” –trying to get the attention of a teacher friend…

Kevin Hart staring with wide eyes gifvia reddit.com


12 Things On Teachers' Minds During Staff Meetings feature image

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