What Teachers Plan To Do After School vs. Reality

What Teachers Plan To Do After School vs. Reality cover image

After a long day of teaching, there are so many things we would love to do to unwind from the chaos and stress. And every day we swear that we will go home and do something for ourselves, but that almost never actually happens in reality.


1. Exercise.

brad pitt on treadmill dancing to music on headphones gifvia Giphy

2. Meditate or do some yoga.

people meditating on a cliff over the ocean gifvia Giphy

3. Cook a nice meal.

hillary banks from fresh prince of belair cooking with oven mitts gifvia Giphy

4. Hang out with friends.

people around table touching glasses together toasting over meal gifvia Giphy

5. Take a nice hot bath.

julia roberts listening to headphones in bubble bath gifvia Giphy


1. Grade papers.

April from Parks and Recreation looking at papers "this is a nightmare" gifvia Giphy

2. Input data & respond to emails from parents.

jim carey in Bruce Almighty typing on keyboard gifvia Giphy

3. Make photocopies.

Edward Norton in Fight Club making photocopies "Everything's a copy of a copy of a copy" gifvia Giphy

4. Call a teacher friend to complain about their day.

Tina Fey pouring wine into wine glass "You know what? I'm fine. Because I know who I am." gifvia Giphy

5. Scarf down a meal because they didn’t get to eat lunch.

Tina Fey folding an entire pizza in half and biting it gifvia Giphy

6. Have a glass to calm the nerves.

amy schumer drinking white wine out of giant wine glass gif

7. And pass out from exhaustion by 8:00 pm.

Peggy from MArried with Children sleeping on couch with pizza box on belly gifvia Giphy

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