14 Things All Teachers Really Wish Their Admin Would Consider

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Most teachers wouldn’t touch the idea of being an Admin with a ten-foot pole. We know how hard their jobs are, and many of us are comfortably stressed out in our own demanding positions. What if we could be an admin for a day, and we had the option to change whatever we please? These 14 things would make teachers’ lives a whole lot easier.

1. Duty-free days

No more juggling hundreds of tasks while trying to teach. All teachers would be treated like the professionals they are and will actually have time to plan and work on their lessons instead of stand in the rain while kids are going B-A-N-A-N-A-S. They would be free to use the restroom or just sit and stare at one of their classroom walls for 20 minutes, or simply go crazy and eat lunch without inhaling it into their lungs.

2. Grade level assistants

Imagine how much we could accomplish with lesson and assessment planning if we didn’t have to prep holiday art activities and make 8,456 copies every week. Every grade level would be gifted an assistant, who would copy, cut, laminate, staple, file, paperclip, organize, sort, etc. so teachers could spend their contract time actually doing their job.

3. Observations and evaluations by people who’ve actually been in a classroom before

It is such a joy to be observed and evaluated by people who either haven’t been in the classroom since the Clinton era or have actually never been in the classroom. *Insert eye roll*. What if the person evaluating teachers was required to have had their fair share of years in the classroom, trying to teach while kids are puking, interrupting, throwing chairs, and cursing out their teacher? It’s only fair that they understand to the fullest why some lessons bomb.

4. Free *Good* Coffee

Yes, we could cut our Starbucks habit and save ourselves an obscene amount of money just by hitting up the staff lounge. We all know that teachers run on coffee (or tea, if you fancy), so no more circa 1993 Mr. Coffee that hasn’t been cleaned since its unboxing, that sits dusty on the counter in the staff room. Teachers deserve nothing less than a Pinterest-level coffee experience complete with a top of the line Nespresso, a French press, locally sourced coffee, and all the extras, accessible all day long, free of charge.

5. Full Parent Buffering

Full disclosure here, so buckle up! No one should be treated the way some parents treat teachers. Admin should be the buffer between the parent and the teacher. Any parent not willing to comply can write Admin (not the teacher) a strongly worded letter.

6. Actual bathroom breaks

Do you know how awesome it is to use the restroom at work whenever you need to? Yeah, no teacher does. A professional with four-plus years of teaching experience shouldn’t have to call the office to ask for coverage while praying to the toilet gods that they don’t poop their pants in front of their students. Why is this never-getting-a-break a thing? Whether it be a dedicated special every day or devoted morning and afternoon recess that is covered by someone else, teachers would be able to rejoice at the prospect of a no-bladder-infection-year!

7. Meetings Kept to a Minimum

Teachers absolutely should be kept in the loop and be part of decision-making that will directly impact them, but do they really need to sit in a recess equipment meeting? If you never have time to prepare for your lessons or are working non-stop from morning to night to get your work done, the answer is ‘no.’

8. Cut the Committees

Speaking of meetings, how many committee commitments is too much? How about it be up to the individual teacher? Volunteers, parents, and those teachers who genuinely love to be involved in extracurriculars can have at it when it comes to planning dances, field days, and after school clubs. The rest of us shouldn’t need to sit in a meeting where everyone just argues about the colors of streamers and balloons for an hour.

9. Give Me a Break with the Ice Breakers

“Now that you have yourselves settled, get up, find someone with shoes like yours. Discuss your dream summer and then awkwardly look at your shoes until I say the pain is over.” No teacher ever, in the history of ever, likes to engage in awkward ice breakers at a meeting after a long day of school. They simply want to sit, take notes, and sneakily eat all the mini Snickers on the table. Please Admin, no more ice-breakers!

10. Pizza Fridays

Yes, it is finally time to reward teachers for their hard work with food because that is the next best thing to money. Every Friday would be free pizza provided by generous volunteers, local pizza restaurants, and social committee money. Along with the pizza, there would be refreshments and Costco cheesecake (because, duh). Teachers deserve pizza! Let’s scream it from the rooftops!

11. Daily Catered Lunches

Emaciated chicken nuggets and dehydrated corn is not a lunch. (Why is this slop even fed to our students?) What if real food could be served to our teachers (and students) that is either made on-site or elsewhere that is actually edible? Private school teachers aren’t the only educators who deserve a fresh Pineapple Cashew Thai Quinoa Salad instead of the space food served in public schools.

12. Class Sizes, Y’all

Welcome to your new class. In the perfect world where education is a top funding concern, you would have only the number of students that can be emotionally, physically, and socially managed. No more having so many kids that you feel guilty when you realize you didn’t actually converse with some of them all day long. No more tripping over desks because there are so many in your room that there is no more space to walk. No more hours of reading 37 essays that make your head spin. The rejoicing would be heard around the world.

13. Raffle Prizes in Meetings, Say What?

Teachers can’t get out of every meeting, so why not offer an incentive to attend staff meetings and be on time? Sure, staff meetings and PLCs are all part of the job requirements, but can’t we make them bearable with some swag and less “Let’s start with something positive that happened to you today”? Also, wouldn’t it be awesome if the prizes consisted of wine, gift cards, and Flair Pens? These newly incentivized meetings would have 100% attendance and attention.

14. What Paperwork?

Another super fun teacher task that is making educators reconsider their career choice is never-ending paperwork. Why do we even need to do any of this? Since when did filling out reading plans become more important than teaching reading?

Working in any capacity in the education field is tough. Even though many of the items on this list are tongue-in-cheek, wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if they were actually possible? A teacher can dream.

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Things All Teachers Really Wish Their Admin Would Consider

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