10 Things You Lose When You Become a Teacher

10 Things You Lose When You Become a Teacher _cover image

Teaching is more than just a job, it’s a calling. It requires commitment and sacrifices… A LOT of sacrifices! But the more exhausted you are at the end of each day, the more you know how much of a difference you are making in the world. Even though they gain so much in a school year, here are just a few things teachers lose.

1. Sleep.

Adam DeVine passed out on papers gif

2. Lunch breaks.

man stuffing french fried into mouth gif

3. Social life.

Kaley Cuoco tv addict on laptop messy hair "Oh my god I need help" gif

4. All notion of silence.

 black female rubbing temples on head gif

5. Markers… All the time.

frustrated teacher Caroline in front of classroom gif

6. Your pride.

School of Rock Jack Black dancing in classroom gif

7. Your sanity.

 woman screaming "why is no one listening to me? I hate when no one listens to me!" gif

8. The dream of ever being rich.

kristin wiig bridesmaids on airplane "Help me, I'm poor." gif

9. Bathroom breaks.

lesley knope holding bladder in pain gif

10. Your youth.

elderly woman putting on lipstick gif


10 Things You Lose When You Become a Teacher_featured image_Bored Teachers

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