This Teacher Uses Place Values to Describe Teacher Life & It’s Hilarious

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Teaching place values is a common theme for elementary schools. I feel like the same concept can be applied to teaching. From the millions to the thousandths, we’ve got it all covered. If not, well hopefully the calculators work.

100 Million:

The number of times you hear your name in a year.

shut up gif

10 Million:

The number of times you have whispered WTF to yourself in class.

WTF gif

1 Million:

The number of papers you have graded that included no name, incomplete answers, and mysterious stains.

Looking unamused gif

100 Thousand:

The number of emails you have deleted throughout the year.

I just delete, delete, delete gif

10 Thousand:

Times you have repeated the directions to your class.

You might want to listen gif

1 Thousand:

The number of meetings that could have been an email you deleted.

I don't have all day for this gif


The number of clones you need of yourself to get everything done.

Michael Scott "No time" gif


The total number of bathroom breaks you get all year.

Leslie Knope having to go to the bathroom


The time of day the coffee wears off and you start to get delirious.

Michael Scott looking exhausted gif


The average number of hours you go without saying “Stop that!”

Stop it, stop it now, gif


The total amount of minutes in the day you have without interruptions.

"It's not gonna happen" gif


The number of times the politicians making rules for your classroom have ever seen a classroom in their life.

"That's accurate" gif


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