Twas The Week Before Winter Break – The Teacher Edition

twas the week before winter break

Twas the week before winter break, when all through the school
the teachers were pooped, as their kids act a fool.
Student artwork was hung on the walls everywhere
in hopes that admin sees how much we care.

The children were all bouncing off of the walls
while teachers were looking for parents to call.
My fellow teachers all could use a nightcap,
and more importantly, a 10-hour nap.

Then over the intercom, there came a loud shout,
“There’s another assembly! All classes! Fall out!”
Away out the classroom, kids ran like a flash.
I wanted a straight line, but my hopes were all dashed.

I had planned for a quiz, to see what my kids know
but with all these distractions, the odds were quite low.
Then, what to my wondering eyes did appear,
a formal observation that filled me with fear.

My principal popped in to see what we were doing.
It’s the week before break! There is chaos that’s brewing.
Then more rapid than eagles, the emails all came
giving us instructions that were all just a pain.

Write comments! Grade papers! Make sure it’s all done!
Then when it is, you can start having fun!
Update your lesson plans, clean up your walls
before you all dash away, dash away, dash away all.

There was so much to do, our brains they were fried.
I’m pretty sure this week, at least half of us cried.
With pageants and parties, our schedules were booked,
and at this point in the year, every teacher was cooked.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard round the bend
that the front office had 3 brand new students to send.
I have nowhere to put them, my room is too full!
I have no more desks! From where would I pull?

Then I saw a figure, dressed in fur head to foot.
It was Old Saint Nick, and he said “Just stay put”
A bundle of lesson plans he had flung on his back,
and more goodies, too, were stuffed in his pack.

My eyes they did twinkle, my mood became merry.
How excited was I to meet him? Well… very.
He went about cleaning my room head to toe
and got my class engaged and back in the flow.

Then in came his elves, they went all around
to the other classrooms, tired teachers they found.
They all helped us grade and get ready for break.
It looked like our deadlines, we were all going to make.

Finally, vacation had almost arrived.
It seems as though students and teachers survived.
A wink from Ol’ Santa and a twist of his head
let us all know we had nothing to dread.

Report cards were finished, the classwork was done.
Now teachers and students could start to have fun.
Fun learning games took the place of school work,
and students realized their teacher wasn’t a jerk.

We then thanked Santa for all he had done,
and he turned and said, “No, you are the ones
that should be thanked for all that you do.
You’ve earned this vacation, every last one of you!”

He sprang to his sleigh, and the buses rolled in.
The final bell rang and we grinned a big grin.
And we heard him explain with his voice big and deep
“Happy vacation to all, now go get some sleep!”

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Twas The Week Before Winter Break - The Teacher Edition

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