30 Weird & Hilarious Things Teachers Have Done in Class

30 Weird & Hilarious Things Teachers Have Done in Class cover image

If you haven’t already heard, Jimmy Fallon, TV host of The Tonight Night Show, started a Twitter hashtag game called #MyTeacherIsWeird. The game consists of anyone and everyone tweeting something funny, weird or embarrassing about their teachers. Some of the results on Twitter are hilarious, some are shocking, and others are downright ridiculous!

Jimmy Fallon Tweet "In 7th gradde my teacher walked in, took a long pause, then looked at all of us and said, "Never get married."via jimmy fallon

Bored Teachers put together a list of the best #MyTeacherIsWeird tweets we’ve seen.  There is a little bit of everything, from teachers starting rap battles with students who don’t do their homework to teachers signing exposed underwear with sharpies. Yup, and some of them get even weirder! Don’t forget to tell us your favorites in the comments below or on Facebook!


Tweet "My history teacher would pop out his glass eye & leave it on his desk when he left the rm so he could 'keep an eye' on us"via Drhookofficial


tweet "highschool teacher caught us cutting class. Cause she was in the same coffee shop. During her class."via tdixie25


tweet "during the first day of class my professor took attendance and when she called my name she said she dated my dad"via its_dosh


#myteacherisweird tweets "before a test, had a teacher say I'm the test giver you are the test-ees. Class lost it."via plfisher6


#myteacherisweird tweets "The science teacher's cat died. There is now a cat skeleton on display in my HS science classroom"via Laura_the_wise


#myteacherisweird tweets "A friend was making sex noises in class, my teacher looked at him and whispered 'keep going...'"via SasukeU69


#myteacherisweird tweets "My teacher farted at her desk and told us not to come up there if we had a problem. Wait oh about 5 minutes"via mpwhet


#myteacherisweird tweets "On every test, my chemistry teacher would ask for the chemical symbol of dog pee. The answer was always K9P"via timdrake


#myteacherisweird tweets "My English teacher would take a Sharpie and sign our underwears if they were visible"via justloulou21


#myteacherisweird tweets "He played video of him mowing loan when we took our tests. We had to finish before he is done with mowing."via doppel99g


#myteacherisweird tweets "We had a Spanish teacher that walked around during tests and gave shoulder massages."via WaldoTSWC


#myteacherisweird tweets "My teacher once said the prettier your look the shorter you'll live, then said to the class: this lot will live forever."via citrus_67


#myteacherisweird tweets "My biology teacher in high school was missing part of a finger & told different story every time we asked what happened"via Mommashelbs


#myteacherisweird tweets "1st day of school, I walk into physics and my teacher plats the darth vader theme with no explanation and stares us down"via katieaberger


#myteacherisweird tweets "My teacher would record himself doing his lecture and show it during class while he sat at his desk and watched football"via Lovethegreen3


#myteacherisweird tweets "In 11th grade my teacher handed me a potato with the word 'dick' written on it and said "it's a 'dick-tator'"via Lakenbolton


#myteacherisweird tweets "He dances and sings unsigned work to the trash can 'if ya did it then you should put your name on it!'"via shawnanarama


#myteacherisweird tweets "Biology teacher made us collect large earthworms. We thought we were dissecting, but he was absent the next day. Fishing."via Queenof_babble


#myteacherisweird tweets "My teacher glued a dead fly to my essay and wrote next to it: 'Yawn! Your essay even bored this fly to death.'"via ludalist


#myteacherisweird tweets "My teacher whispered something to hiumself and then laughed out loud saying, 'yeah that was great'"via Chaney_Adrienne


#myteacherisweird tweets "My 9th grade math teacher was named Igor and bought weed from my brother. I did no math that year."via mseric


Tweet " I . college, my professor walked in dressed as Snape and told us to turn to page 394"via rikyrikardo


Tweet "My prof was so in love with her dog, that when it went to doggie day care, she would live stream it on the projector"via haljoh2296


Tweet "our English teacher used to have rap battles with kids who hadnt done their homework"via Morgansmumbles


Tweet "My Math teacher's shit got stuck on a nail in the wall & her shirt came off. She immediately said Welcome to Anatomy 101."via Sethgoodtime


Tweet "I once complimented my college professor's tie. He slowly took it off and threw it to me while saying "Keep it."via joebearlittle


My 7th grade English teacher would crawl under her desk to eat Doritos then would tell us she "dropped something"via liz_agnaaaa


Tweet "During assembly a laser pen was shining in the principals face no 1 could go until the student fessed up-it was a teacher"via ijustadoreblack


Tweet "She called the cops because I made her a clock... I got arrested."via Istandwithahmed


Tweet "All of my sisters had the same teacher. Last day of senior year he looked at me and said please tell me youre the last one"via erinchostyles

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