What Everyone Thinks Teachers Do vs. What Teachers Really Do

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Everyone seems to have their own perception of what teachers really do. Some aren’t too far off, and others are just downright hilarious

What our parents think we do…

mathematicians writing on chalkboard gif

What our friends think we do…

kindergarten cop arnold schwarzenegger playing ukelele and singing kids dancing gif

What society thinks we do…

zack galifianakis carrying martinis on beach "c'mon guys! vodka beach party!" gif

What our students think we do…

professor severus snape harry potter "they will be punished" gif

What students’ parents think we do…

kindergarten cop arnold schwarzenegger on see saw playground gif

What our bosses think we do…

barnum and bailey circus dog jumping rope gif

What we think we do…

dead poets society robin williams talking to class "and the human race filled with passion" gif

What we really do…


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