What Wine Pairs Best With Your Teaching Style?

What Wine Pairs Best With Your Teaching Style?

We have all been described by various adjectives by our students and their parents. Mrs. Smith? Oh, she’s the strict one! Mr. Jones? He’s the fun one! Miss Randall? She’s the warm, fuzzy one. We all know what others say about us and what our teaching style is, but what many teachers really want to know is, what wine pairs best with their teaching style?  Look no further! We have made it easy for you. Get your corkscrew ready, get set… GO!

1. The No-Nonsense Teacher: Zinfandel

You know the one. This teacher gets stuff done. She sets high expectations for her students and they rise to the occasion because of it. This teacher is the zinfandel of teachers. She is bold and thick-skinned like the grape used to make the wine she resembles. Say what you will about this teacher. It will roll right off her back just like the zin she drinks rolls over her tongue at the end of the day.

2. The Perky Teacher: Champagne

What Wine Pairs Best With Your Teaching Style?

This teacher is the Champagne of teachers. She is always smiling, happy and eager to give compliments. Her bubbly personality is contagious. Her students love her playful hugs and the adorable nicknames she gives them. Her humor tickles her students like champagne bubbles tickle your nose. Once she pops her cork there is no end to the fizzy enjoyment of her teaching.

3. The Super-Funny Teacher: Gewürztraminer

This teacher is notorious for keeping everyone laughing. There is never a dull moment in his classroom as everyone is always waiting for the punchline.  He is the gewürztraminer of teachers. The name alone makes you smile and so does seeing this teacher walk into the classroom.  Everyone knows he will have a funny story to tell or a joke to end the day. Students and colleagues alike love his sense of humor, but like the super-sweet taste and the high alcohol content of gewürztraminer, a little can go a long way.

4. The Teacher Everyone Wants: Rosé 

What Wine Pairs Best With Your Teaching Style?

This teacher is loved by all. Students love her because she is patient and likes to have a good time in the classroom. Parents love her because she has control over her classroom and learning takes place constantly. Administrators love her because she rarely gets complaints and is always up for anything asked of her. Everything she does seems effortless and easy. She is the rosé of teachers. She goes well with anything and any occasion.

5. The Road to Retirement Teacher: Port

This teacher has less than three months left before she retires her whiteboard markers forever. She has been in the field for decades and has earned her place in the school. She is the port of teachers.  Known for her long shelf life, she began her career young and never thought of a different job. She dedicated her life to the profession and though it may seem like she has been around for centuries, like the port that matches her teaching style, her tenure has gone by relatively quickly and she has many stories to tell. Just as port should be sipped slowly and savored, so should the remaining months of her career.

6. The New Teacher: Sangria

What Wine Pairs Best With Your Teaching Style?

This teacher is fresh out of school and is ready to take on the world.  Thank goodness for new teachers who bring life and ideas into the classroom and staff lounge! He is the sangria of teachers. While sangria is not exactly a wine, but a wine paired with juice and fruit, it can be enjoyed all day without going overboard just like this young teacher can teach all day without being completely exhausted by 8:00 pm.  He is flexible and finding his niche in his school like the wine in sangria is finding its perfect match in the juices and fruits with which it mixes. 

7. The Tech-Savvy Teacher: Anything Goes!

This teacher knows everything there is to know about PowerPoint, Word, Google Classroom, Screencastify, Zoom…you name it, they know it. This teacher is….ALL OF US! Teachers were thrown into the age of technology overnight and many of us are still in the throws of teaching via technology. We run our classrooms via virtual models, we post homework via Google Slides and Google Docs. We post videos of ourselves, opening ourselves up to scrutiny and judgment. What wine goes best with this teaching style?  Any wine you want! Pop the cork! Unscrew the lid! Open the box! No matter how you enjoy it, go for it. You deserve it!

8. The Over-Achieving Teacher: Tequila

What Wine Pairs Best With Your Teaching Style?

This teacher is at school before anyone else and is there long after everyone has left.  Regardless of the topic, she has read up on it and knows her stuff. She can tell you the latest pedagogy and the most up to date theories in education. She is on every committee there is and is always looking for more to do. Often equated with the Energizer Bunny, this teacher is always on the go.  She has the perfect Pinterest classroom, is more organized than the Dewey Decimal System, and is always perfectly put together. She is the … well… no wine matches her style.  Simply put, she is the tequila of teachers. She is available at a moment’s notice, ready for the next adventure, and says “yes” even when she should say “no.”


What Wine Pairs Best With Your Teaching Style?

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