The 10 Stages of a Teacher Going to Target

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Target is quite simply every teacher’s dream. Where else can you find endless bargains on school supplies, craft project pieces, AND bottles of wine? It’s the perfect storm really. So let’s see what a typical Target run looks like through the eyes of an educator.

1. That feeling of excitement as you approach Target


You’ve read the flyers, you’ve checked the emails, and you know exactly what’s on sale. You leap out of your car with unbridled joy and can barely hide your excitement as you approach the hallowed halls of Target. Those automatic doors slide open, a blast of cold A/C hits your face and you know it’s going to be a good day. You love the smell of Target in the morning… it smells like victory.

2. When Target employees see me walk through the door


Teachers are the lifeblood of any Target location. They see us coming and know sales are about to spike at least 5%. We are revered by all who wear the red shirt and khaki pants because they know what we are about to do. 

3. When you see the school supply section up ahead


Let’s be honest, you know exactly where everything is in that store. You have every aisle mapped out and committed to memory. But you still get that little twinge of excitement as you approach the school supply section and see all those fresh clean notebooks, organizers and classroom decorations just waiting to be purchased.

4. When teacher supplies go on sale


Everybody loves a good sale, but there’s no sale quite like a teacher sale. A brand new classroom organizer 30% off? Don’t mind if I do! Border for my bulletin boards are BOGO? Yes please! We’re like sharks smelling blood in the water. 

5. When you realize Target has a sale on wine the same week you go back to school


What are the odds? School supplies AND wine going on sale at exactly the same time? See, this is why we love Target so much. They get us teachers, they understand what we’re going through and they have our back in times of need. Like when summer vacation is wrapping up and we’re faced with starting another school year.

6. When you walk into the arts and crafts section and get flooded with cool ideas for your classroom


Maybe you spend hours a day looking at Pinterest, maybe you don’t. But no teacher can resist the arts and crafts aisle at Target. 5 minutes there and your brain is flooded with thoughts. Fun art projects for your students, decorative bulletin board ideas. It’s all gold.

7. When you see something you want but it’s not on sale yet

Teachers know Target very well. We’ve learned to be patient over the year. If something isn’t on sale just yet, we can wait it out. We may yearn for that new rolling cart with the nice handle on it, but we’re smart enough to bide our time. We know we’ll be back soon, ready to jump when the time is right.

8. When they roll out their collection of holiday scented candles


Teachers have an irrational love of scented candles. Maybe it’s because during the school day we’re bombarded with unpleasant aromas emanating from our students. It could be body odor, or it could be a boy decided to use an entire can of AXE body spray. Whatever it is, there’s something about a crisp apple or pumpkin pie candle that soothes us and takes us to our happy place.

9. When you go to checkout and realize you have gone way over budget


Of course, there’s a moment of shock and surprise when the cashier rings up our final total, but that quickly gives way to acceptance because let’s be honest: it’s happened before and it’ll happen again. We are well aware of the things we do to our bank account, but once we walk inside there’s really nothing that can be done about it.

10. When you leave Target and already have withdrawals


You load up your shopping cart full of goodies, return the cart and turn to gaze back at the majestic building you just left. There’s a feeling of sadness that this particular Target run is over, but you know deep down inside that this is not goodbye. You drive away knowing that soon you’ll be back to do it all over again.

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