You Might Be a Teacher Mom if You Feel These Things on a Spiritual Level

You Might Be a Teacher Mom if You Feel These Things on a Spiritual Level

Being a mother or a teacher is challenging enough on its own. Those of us who are doing both at the same time understand just how unique those challenges can be! These are just some things only teacher moms will experience.

1. There’s no escaping those annoying TikTok challenges

No matter in your classroom or in your living room, there’s no evading those annoying social media trends. Everywhere you turn, all the kids in your life are filming ridiculous dances, telling you to tell them something WITHOUT ACTUALLY TELLING THEM, or trying to take off their hoodie with their damn foot. Here’s a new one, kids: #TeacherMomsBeLike do your homework then empty the dishwasher.

2. We have too much insider intel

With such an extensive knowledge of the stuff that goes down at school, it’s hard not to vet our own kids’ friends and romantic interests like we’re freaking FBI profilers. “What kind of grades do you get? You play any sports? What about an instrument? Got any teacher recommendation letters handy?”

3. We repeat ourselves all day, every day

A teacher mom’s day is literally filled with repetitive, expert level nagging:

Please wait your turn.
How do you ask nicely?
I’m only saying this one more time…
Do it right or do it twice.
Did you wash your hands?
Seriously, did you wash your hands?

We say the same crap to the same people all day, every day which is actually necessary because ain’t no one listening to a dang thing we say.

4. We perform two of the world’s most underappreciated jobs

If you enjoy doing everything for everyone, rarely hearing “thank you,” or working around the clock with shitty (or no!) pay, being a teacher-mom is for you! As an added bonus, everyone will also forget to celebrate you on the holidays created for the sole purpose of showing you gratitude: Teacher Appreciation and Mother’s Day. Enjoy!

5. There’s no such thing as privacy for a teacher-mom

Depending on the grade you teach, you could be dealing with some “handsy” students whose favorite pastimes include touching and sneezing on and following you around. Cue small children up in your business asking personal questions and invading your space. WHY ARE KIDS SUCH CLOSE TALKERS? Regardless of the grade level, you live life in the teacher fishbowl, meaning your every move is scrutinized and thanks to always running into students or their parents, there is no such thing as “a quick trip” anywhere anymore. At home, welcome to zero privacy. Thanks to your own spawn, there’s a slim chance you’re finishing your bathroom business sans interruption or leaving the house in that outfit without some serious side-eye from your teenager.

I suggest taking a deep breath and just leaning in. We signed up for this, right? Well, maybe not the getting sneezed on part. Or the TikTok stuff. Or…okay, fine. No need to leaning in—surviving is good enough.

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You Might Be a Teacher Mom if You Feel These Things on a Spiritual Level

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Stephanie Jankowski

Stephanie Jankowski is an English teacher by trade, smack talker by nature, and author of Schooled: A Love Letter to the Exhausting, Infuriating, Occasionally Excruciating Yet Somehow Completely Wonderful Profession of Teaching. When not teaching or writing, Stephanie is trying like hell to raise three decent human beings.

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