10 Videos That Remind Us Why We Became Teachers – On Days We Need It Most

10 Videos That Remind Us Why We Became Teachers - On Days We Need It Most

Even though we’re just at the start of the school year, pandemic teaching is stressful and exhausting for many educators. Here are 10 inspirational teacher videos to help you get through the next couple of weeks. Play one before you start your school day to pump yourself up. Listen on your lunch break or planning period to help inspire you to finish out the day. Watch one after school to remind you of the amazing life-changing work you’re doing. 

1. Rita Pierson: “Every Kid Needs a Champion”

This Ted Talk is a classic in inspirational teacher videos. Pierson, a veteran educator of 40 years when she gave the talk, is a third-generation teacher. She discusses the importance of human connection and relationships. She explains the research behind the impact of relationships on learning, shares her observations, and challenges teachers to make connections with students. She says, “Kids don’t learn from people they don’t like,” and encourages teachers to be someone who builds students up. Also check out these 12 Black educators who changed history that we should all know about.

2. Taylor Mali: “What Teachers Make”

This video starts off with insults made about teachers at a dinner party. “The problem with teachers is what’s a kid going to learn from someone who decided his best option in life was to become a teacher?” And, of course, the classic, “Those who can do, those who can’t teach.” Taylor says, “I decided to bite my tongue instead of his.” Then he asked Taylor what he makes as a teacher, urging him to “be honest.” Taylor said he has a “policy about honesty and ass-kicking  – if you ask for it I have to give it to you.” So Taylor explains exactly what he makes as a teacher – and none of it has anything to do with money. 

3. Kid President’s Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!

The adorable Kid President embarks wisdom for teachers and students that will give you a chuckle and make you say “awwwww” because he’s just so cute! Gems include, 

  • “Science: You’re here, you take up space, you matter.”
  • “The world’s greatest thinkers, Confucius, Albert Einstein, and Justin Timberlake put their pants on one leg at a time.”
  • “Don’t be a bully, even to the bullies.” 
  • “Teachers see things. They see the person we can all become one day.”
  • “Let’s make history together. It’s simple math. Together we’re louder.”

4. Steve Spangler: How to Be an Amazing Teacher

Spangler, “America’s science teacher,” discusses the difference between good and great teachers. For example, “Good teachers teach facts. Great teachers teach real-world applications.” His points are emphasized with clips of some of his famous – and very entertaining – science experiments, like the classic Mentos in Diet Coke fountain. 

5. Gang Leader to Graduate

Former gang leader DJ Batiste tells the story of how his high school teacher turned in his life around by forming a connection with him. Have your tissues ready when you watch! This is one of those inspirational teacher videos that will make you cry!

6. Dr. Becky Bailey Shows How to Manage Emotions

Dr. Becky Bailey hilariously shows how to help children manage emotions. You’ll laugh – even as you recognize your own mistakes – and then feel better equipped to deal with all the emotions we’re all struggling with right now – kids and adults alike. 

7. Brené Brown: Daring Classrooms

Brown opens her speak by sharing, “I was talking to my friend on the phone last night and she said, ‘Oh, my God! You’re going to South X Southwest? Are you going to hang with rock stars?’ and I said, ‘Better! I’m going to hang out with the real badasses: teachers.’” She goes on to encourage teachers to embrace their vulnerability, combat shame, and be their authentic selves – and to help students do the same. This talk is a bit over half an hour, so watch in chunks of five or ten minutes if you need to. It’s worth it!

8. Glennon Doyle on Living Your Best Life

Glennon Doyle was a teacher and is now a best-selling author and motivational speaker. In this clip she talks about living your best life. She touches on the inevitable hardships of life, getting comfortable with uncomfortable feelings, and rejecting the status quo.

9. Be a Mr. Jensen

Clint Pulver talks about his struggles with compulsive tapping in school. He was frequently kicked out of class and was convinced he was a problem student. Then his teacher, Mr. Jensen, took the time to really see him and changed his life by suggesting he channel that energy into drumming. 


Anderson talks about how teachers are American heroes. He acknowledges teachers didn’t sign up for masks or virtual teaching and praises educators for going above and beyond for our children. Anderson has several inspirational teacher videos. “Teachers Are Super Heroes” is another great one.

Maybe one day students will be making inspirational teacher videos about YOU!


10 Inspirational Teacher Videos That Remind Us Why We Became Teachers - On Days We Need It Most_

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