12 Amazing Teachers Who Give Us Faith in Humanity

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Back in 1994, the United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO), declared today as World Teachers’ Day. Although teachers should be celebrated all year long, this is a day they’re commemorated on a global scale. So today, we’re acknowledging several teachers from around the world who persevered through unique circumstances to provide an education and safe haven for their students, who saved their students’ lives both literally and theoretically, who set the example, and who stood behind their students when others tried to strike them down. And millions of more teachers are making a difference in their own ways, every single day, even as you sit there reading this article. Teachers are the backbone of our future. So tag the teachers you know and thank them on this special day, but ALWAYS remember to empower them, support them, and respect them for everything they do, every chance that you can. Happy World Teachers’ Day!

1. This teacher in Iran who visits his student diagnosed with cancer to fill him in on what he missed at school, every day.

Teacher reading to kid through inter-phone at hospital through windowVia: Reddit

2. This teacher who allowed a student to bring her baby to class next time she couldn’t find someone to babysit.

3. This teacher who dyed his hair and beard pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Teacher with pink hair and beard Via: The Huffpost

4. This teacher who skateboards to his classes every day.

Older teacher riding a skateboardVia: Reddit

5. Zhang Lili, who saved her students from being hit by an out-of-control bus, losing both of her legs in the process.

Zhang Lili coming out of airplane in wheelchairVia: Cctv.com

6. This teacher fighting for the LGBT Community by dressing like this, after a student told the class: “I’m glad gays can’t marry here. They scare me, kinda like clowns.

Teacher wearing rainbow hair, red nose, and a clown tieVia: Reddit

7. All the teachers risked their lives to save the lives of dozens of students during the devastating tornado in Briarwood, Oklahoma.

Teacher hugging studentVia Paul Hellstern/USA Today

8. This teacher born with no arms, showing all her students that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to in life.

9. This teacher with a sense of humor who wore the same clothes for the yearbook picture 40 years in-a-row.

Teacher wearing same clothes for yearbook picture for 40 years Via: DallasNews

Watch more funny teachers who took their yearbook photos to another level here!

10. This Denver P.E. Teacher, Jen Sculley, who donated her kidney to one of her students in need.

PE teacher hugging 3 kidsVia: CBS Denver

11. This teacher, Rajesh Kumar Sharma, who opened a free school under a metro bridge to give education to New Delhi’s poorest children.

Class under bridgeVia: The HuffPost

12. This teacher, Martha Rivera Alanis who kept her kids calm during a shooting outside of a school in Mexico, by singing songs with them.

Amazing teachers Pinterest cover

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