15 Reasons Teacher Moms Are Rockstar Parents

15 Reasons Teacher Moms Are Rockstar Parents

How awesome are moms, right?! Toddlers cry for their moms when they fall on the playground. Kids anxiously scan the audience until they find Mom when it’s their turn in the spelling bee. Teenagers want Mom’s input as they shop for prom dresses, tuxes, and corsages. And adults? We call mom when our hearts are broken, we get promoted or lose a job, need advice, or just want to talk about the awesome coffee shop we found. But TEACHER moms? We’re top of the line! 

Why teacher moms are tops:

1. They literally trained for this

They have degrees in the education and development of children. This makes other people trust them with their children, so raising their own is a breeze.

2. They’re natural nurturers. 

Teachers have personality traits that are well-suited for parenting. They’re kind, gentle, patient, warm, and flexible. And they actually like children!

3. They have killer immunity. 

Other parents have to cancel plans because of colds and cooties. Teachers have strong immune systems and almost never have to miss their kids’ soccer games or cancel a sleepover due to the sniffles.

4. They’re in on the latest crazes. 

Their students keep them up to date on what’s happening in kid culture from Minecraft to TikTok dances. This impresses their own kids when they’re young. It’s fun to be a cool parent for a little while. Then their teenagers roll their eyes when they’re checking their backpacks for laundry pods and cinnamon because they know about the challenges going around Snapchat, too.

5. They’re resourceful. 

They teach 25+ students at a time with no other supervision, make a ream of paper last a whole year, and live off room temperature coffee and stale granola bars. They’ll keep their own children safe and healthy no matter what life throws at them.

6. They make so many sacrifices for all their kids. 

Becoming a parent is about sacrificing your own needs and wants. Teachers have already given up wealth, freedom, sleep, and leisurely lunches, so becoming a parent isn’t much of an adjustment. They don’t get to pee when they want at school, and they do it with an audience at home. They’re used to giving their all.

7. They get good discounts. 

Teachers get discounts and freebies on supplies, food, and even theme parks. Their own families often get to reap the benefits. 

8. They will never be a helicopter or lawnmower parent. 

They’ve seen the side effects of helicopter parents, lawnmower parents, and parents who aren’t involved enough. They understand the importance of striking a balance and step in for their children when needed, while also guiding them towards independence. Teachers’ kids also learn personal responsibility because Mom can’t leave school to run their forgotten lunch or math homework to them.

9. They’ve seen it all. 

Teachers have seen just about every behavior problem, delay, symptom, anxiety, or kid-related problem. They’re on a first-name basis with an assortment of therapists and know their way around an IEP meeting. So if something pops up with their own children, teacher moms have a leg up because they’ve probably watched a student go through something similar.

10. They have a headstart on discipline. 

Teacher moms pick up the best tricks from colleagues, professional development speakers, and just years of experience. Whispering to get a child’s attention, having clear expectations, and finding what motivates each individual child works at home as well as at school. They know a race or contest gets classrooms and bedrooms cleaned up fast. They also know when kids need a push, such as earning a homework pass or extra hour of screentime, to get the job done.

11. They have nearly the same schedule as their own kids. 

They save money on after school childcare and summer camp fees because their schedule allows them to be with their own children. This means they’re always around to supervise their teenagers, which annoys them, but is actually when they need their parents the most.

12. They know their kids’ friends. 

They know most of their kids’ friends. They’ve probably taught them or a sibling. They also know their parents. If they don’t, they have teacher friends who do. They know which kids are good influences and which they should pay more attention to. 

13. They have insider information. 

They know which teachers will be a good fit for their kids, when to apply to that coveted school, and changes to the lunch menu. They expect a lot from their own children, but they have great access to tools to succeed.

14. They have the tools to make their kids’ projects next level. 

Their kids have no excuses not to have wow-worthy projects. They have glue guns, laminators, construction paper of every shade, and more. And their Pinterest boards are poppin’!

15. They don’t take enough credit for all they do. 

Just as they have a lot to do with their students’ successes in class, their own children wouldn’t be who they are without them pushing and pulling them to be their best. However, they don’t take nearly enough credit in either case. They smile and say, “No, you made it happen. I was just doing my job!” So humble!

Teachers and mothers play huge parts in a child’s life. Being both a teacher and a mom basically makes them superheroes! Cheers to the teacher moms – may your coffee be ever strong!

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15 Reasons Teacher Moms Are Rockstar Parents

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Rachael Moshman
Rachael Moshman, M.Ed., an editor at Bored Teachers, is a mom, educator, writer, and advocate for self-confidence. She's been a teacher in classrooms of infants through adult college students. She loves pizza, Netflix and yoga. Connect with her at rachael.m@boredteachers.com
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