15 Reasons Why Teacher Dads Are Awesome

15 Reasons Why Teacher Dads Are Awesome


Teacher dads are pretty much superheroes. They’re adored by their students at school – corny jokes, cringy dance moves and all. Then they go home use the skills they’ve picked up as a teacher to connect with their own children. Here are 15 reasons teacher dads are superstar parents.

1. They have better dad jokes!

Their classes are a captive audience for testing out dad jokes. They have the delivery perfected by the time they get home and tell them to their own kids. That doesn’t mean the jokes are always good, but at least they’re rehearsed!

2. Teacher dads give their kids clout!

Most schools have far fewer male teachers than female teachers. This means the male teachers are often automatically raised to “cool teacher” status. Everyone wants to find him on their schedule, be in his group for the field trip, or join the club he sponsors. Having a cool dad gives kids a boost in their own status.

3. They’re good listeners.

Teachers have lots of practice listening to kids’ problems, challenges, hopes, and dreams. They also hear constant chatter about friendship drama, YouTubers, sports, video games, and more. They’ve got lots of practice to listen patiently to their own kids – and they often provide good feedback after hearing similar stories from students.

4. They bring home yummy baked goods!

Male teachers seem to get gifted more homemade baked gifts than their female colleagues – maybe because they make it known they have a sweet tooth. They are always bringing home brownies, muffins, cookies, or pie. Their own kids are often able to snag a yummy treat anytime they stop by their dad’s classroom.

5. A house full of extra kids is no big deal.

They’re so used to having a classroom full of chaos they barely notice when their home is filled with extra kids. Their children feel comfortable having friends over.

6. Their use of slang is hilarious.

They pick up slang from their students and then make their own family roar with laughter when they try to use it at the dinner table. Yeah, teens cringe when their dad tries to sound cool, but they secretly think it’s cute and sweet.

7. They know what it’s like to be different.

Male teachers were often outnumbered by women in their college classes and in staff meetings now. They know what’s like to be a little different and can relate to their kids and push them to stick with it when they are afraid they won’t fit in.

8. Teacher dads have time off to play.

Many dads work long hours and aren’t able to get time off for school plays or summer pool days. Teacher dads have schedules similar to their children and have time to make memories and have adventures.

9. They have lots of practice.

It’s hard to shock a teacher dad. They’ve met students with a wide variety of situations. They’ve researched resources, best practices, and watched other kids go through challenges. Their own kids benefit from this practice.

10. They offer great homework tips.

They spend hours in professional development seminars, follow other educators on social media, and subscribe to teaching journals. If their kids are struggling with multiplication facts or the periodic table they’ve got a trick to help.

11. They let their kids be assistants.

Teacher dads let their own kids be their classroom assistants before and after school. All the stapling, stuffing folders, and babysitting the copier feels powerful to an elementary student.

12. They aren’t afraid of looking silly.

Teacher dads love to make kids laugh. They’ll regularly make appearances in their child’s TikTok videos at home.

13. They let you use their supplies – and tap into their ideas.

Science experiments and poster projects are much less stressful when you have access to your dad’s teacher supply closet. And when you can pick his brain for ideas and feedback!

14. Dibs on donuts day!

Most schools have an annual “Donuts with Dad” day. If your dad also teaches at your school, you’re there in time to get the first pick of donuts. Your dad might even be in charge of picking up the donuts and let you eat one in the car on the way to school.

15. They are great role models.

Watching your dad be a role model to other kids makes you realize how lucky you are to have them as your parent. It feels good to know your father makes an impact on others – and inspires you to do the same.

Happy Father’s Day to all the teacher dads!


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Rachael Moshman
Rachael Moshman, M.Ed. is a mom, educator, writer, and advocate for self-confidence. She’s been a teacher in classrooms of infants through adult college students. She loves pizza, Netflix and yoga.
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