10 Reasons Why We Love Our Introverted Students

Celebrating our introverted students!

“Old Souls” and “Wise beyond their years” are descriptors used to depict students in our classrooms that are often labeled as “introverts.” Introverts, known for their deep thinking, desire to work alone, and sometimes quiet demeanor, can be found in any and every classroom of students — and we love them!

While labels aren’t always a good thing, understanding and valuing certain behavioral traits are. And introverted students bring many valuable qualities to our classroom communities, many of which are often overlooked. Amazing teachers truly SEE their introverted students and love everything about them. Here is what we love the most. 

1. When we’re having a bad day, introverted students can tell right away

Introverted students can sense our moods and they take immediate action. They are masters at picking up on nonverbal cues. Introverted students will pick us flowers, draw a picture that says “I love you” or bring us random staples off the floor to help us “clean.” Older introverted students might be more subtle, quietly checking in with us during work time.

2. Google Assignments are turned in (by introverts) with work attached. 

Introverted students are often very attentive to details. They would never unintentionally or intentionally turn in absolutely nothing. Oftentimes, they will check, double and triple check to make sure that they have attached an actual document.

 3. They are listening and hearing our every word.

Teachers often remark that they are talking to themselves when they teach. Not true. Introverts burn a hole through us with their eyes. They are intently focused on listening and hearing our every word. We know because they will bring up some previously expressed random detail (like how we love the show Cobra Kai) in a future conversation.

4. Introverted students are rule followers.

It is not only the Golden Rule they follow; it is every rule. When another adult comes to our rooms to talk to us, the entire class is literally doing cartwheels when our backs are turned. However, our introverts are sweetly ignoring the chaos and quietly doing their work. Aww! We adore you.

5. Sarcasm is understood.

Teachers are known to have a sarcastic sense of humor. No, REALLY, we are. It often goes way above the heads of MOST of our early elementary students. After I infuse sarcasm, I always lock stares with my introverts who have knowing grins from ear to ear. It’s the best.

6. They give teachers a refuge.

Our introvert students often sit in the corners of the classroom, where we often go when we need a relaxing quiet moment. There is just something about them that is so calming and serene. They provide teachers with “aura-therapy.”

7. Unlike everyone else, they love silent reading time.

Some students use independent reading time as social hour, or they just stare at a page and zone out. Not introverted students. They love reading; this quiet time helps them to recharge for any group activities that may come their way later in the day.

8. They have Pinterest-worthy creativity.

I don’t, so I often use their art projects as my model. Introverted students often feel things deeply, and they express themselves through their creativity. Teachers are amazed every day by their imaginative thoughts and writing.

9. Introverted students love having conversations with us.

These are the students who often talk to us at recess. The shrill screaming of their classmates playing immediately sends them our way. They like to express themselves about mature topics that are interesting to them. We like it too. 

10. Helping others comes naturally to introverted students.

Introverts are keenly aware of the emotions of others. They are the ones who befriend the lonely and talk to the students no one else seems to want to approach. It is their kindness and understanding that we truly admire and what makes them so very special.

So, if you have an introverted student in your classroom, write them a note and tell them how much you appreciate them. They may not like being the center of attention, but it will make their day to know that you see, value, and acknowledge them.

What other teacher secrets would you add to the list? Come join us in the #teacherlife community!

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Angela Barton

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Angela is a veteran kindergarten teacher. When she’s not teaching or writing, she can be found thrifting or spending time with her husband, daughters and two Maltese dogs.

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