Animation About Playground Inclusion Delivers An Important Message

Animation About Playground Inclusion Should Be Shared By All Educators cover image

The short film below is an animated story about a real boy named Ian. Ian was born with cerebral palsy and was bullied on the playground. Angry at her son’s playground bullies, Ian’s mother, Sheila Graschinsky, made it her mission to change how the world looks at and treats people with disabilities. After founding a non-profit organization, Fundación Ian, she took her story to one of the best digital animation studios in Latin America, to help her educate the rest of the world about inclusion, and screenwriter Gastón Gorali accepted with pleasure.

In that first meeting with [Ian’s mom], I felt the urge to do something about it. To get involved. Ian’s story was so honest, tough and yet full of hope. The feeling of being alienated is common to all of us. There’s no need to have a disability to have experienced in our lives isolation and exclusion. To find ourselves fighting a force that pushes us away from whatever we want to be and do.” -Gastón Gorali

For Ian’s mom, this wordless short film is more than a story about a single playground. It’s about the struggle of people with disabilities everywhere. The film has been going viral since it was premiered on YouTube and should be shared with as many people as possible.

Watch the full video below:


Animation About Playground Inclusion Delivers An Important Message feature image

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