Principal’s Viral Post Reminds Everyone How Much Teachers Are Doing Right Now

Jill Halligan, a school leader at Cora Thomas Elementary School Rosenberg, TX went viral on Facebook recently when she posted the following status about how hard teachers are working right now. As a school leader for 14 years, she has never seen teachers bear so much weight, and show so much dedication and love to their job and their students.

Her post has received over 13,000 likes and over 27,000 shares on Facebook over the past couple of weeks. This comes as no surprise, as teachers need this kind of recognition now more than ever, and especially from their school admin. However, while our teachers need as much support as they can get right now, we should also remember that our school leaders don’t have it easy right now, either. And we’re all in this together.

“I would like other school leaders who are adapting to this current situation to know that they already have everything they need to succeed,” Ms. Halligan told Bored Teachers. Jill’s post is a refreshing reminder that when school leaders and teachers support each other, magical things happen!

Read the viral post below:

Principal's viral post

What I saw brought me to tears…

This is MY teacher. I have 66 more just like her.

What YOU see is a teacher working on a screen with a class full of students on the other side of the screen.

What I see (and what you can’t see) is a teacher working on THREE computers, an additional keyboard, and a document camera (think high tech overhead projector, for my friends who haven’t been in school for a while.)

I am watching a 45 min lesson in her empty classroom today. She is constantly reminding students to leave their cameras on, to leave themselves muted so that everyone can hear.

She is reminding parents not to answer for their children.

She is asking DEEP questions and connecting with EVERY. SINGLE. KID. They are consistently saying her name wrong, and she smiles and responds with delight.

You can FEEL her love for them in her voice and you can witness her patience as she teaches a lesson on similes, metaphors, and onomatopoeia. Her content is ON POINT and she delivers it seamlessly.

She is driving instruction and meeting my expectations (which is no small task if you know me.)

She has at least 10 resource books within arms reach, and she has been at school for over an hour- yet her purse and lunch are still sitting on a counter near her workspace.

Every single child is engaged. Every single one.

She wasn’t trained in this. There is no degree or course in “pandemic teaching.” There isn’t a training she can take before she begins and there certainly aren’t any days to get ready.

She isn’t paid “overtime” and is told daily… (mostly by me) that “other duties as assigned” now define her workdays.

She has taught face-to-face classes to cover in classrooms where we have no substitutes on the same days that she continues to show up for HER class of virtual students all day long… how is that possible?

I have NO ever-loving idea… but her and her team “make it happen.”

She has done this for 6 weeks already, and in 3 more, students will make their choice of virtual or face to face again and she will start her routines over like it is a brand new school year.

SO, if you doubt the heart of teachers, I want you to remember this post. They are not only checking off all the boxes and checklists, they are showing up for themselves, each other, and their kids. They are bearing a HUGE weight in all of this that most of you will never comprehend, much less understand. If you know a teacher- continue to fill their buckets… every dang day… they need it every dang day.

If you are one of my teachers- I could not be more proud of each of you! You make my heart sing and I SEE YOU. ❤️

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Principal's viral post

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