Teacher Horoscopes: Does Your Teaching Style Match Your Zodiac Sign?

Teacher Horoscopes- Does Your Teaching Style Match Your Zodiac Sign? COVER IMAGE

Teachers come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. So how does your astrological sign influence your teaching style? Are you a take-charge leader or a kind compassionate soul? Find out if  your teaching style matches your Zodiac sign!


People born under the Aries sign tend to be very ambitious and passionate. They are constantly coming up with new ideas and innovations. Aries teachers have Pinterest bookmarked on every device they own. Their rooms are full of DIY projects and they are always ready to share a new teaching method at every staff meeting.


Taurus Teacher Horoscope

Taurus the bull has two speeds: Relaxed and chill like a herd of cows grazing in the field, or amped up and charging forward like a bull down the streets of Pamplona. As a teacher, that means you’re very good at adjusting based on the needs of your students. Some days you need to take your foot off the gas, and other days it’s pedal to the metal.


Gemini Teacher Horoscope

Geminis tend to have a very positive outlook on life and everything around it. Compassionate and kind to a fault, Geminis never have a mean word to say about anybody. In the classroom, Gemini teachers have walls full of motivational posters and warm fuzzies everywhere.


Cancer Teacher Horoscope

Cancers are known to have incredible intuition when it comes to reading people. That is a skill that comes in very handy in the classroom. Teachers born under this sign are like child whisperers. They know exactly what their students need at every turn and can adjust accordingly.


Leo Teacher Horoscope

Leo is a lion in every sense of the word. Proud of who they are, and bold enough to make sure everybody knows it. There is no doubting the convictions of a Leo. Leo teachers have classroom management down to a science. Students know exactly what to expect every day they come to school.


virgo Teacher Horoscope

People born under the Virgo sign accumulate knowledge like it’s going out of style. They love to impart wisdom on those around them, but not in a derogatory way. Instead, they do so with compassion. Virgo teachers tend to teach a lot of lessons that aren’t found in textbooks.


Libra Teacher Horoscope

Just like the image of Libra balancing her scales, people born under this sign are always looking for balance. They see both sides of every issue and want to make sure everyone is treated fairly. In our schools, Libra teachers end up being the arbitrators when kids get in fights. They are also great at leading classroom discussions that get everybody involved.


Scorpio Teacher Horoscope

Scorpios are the most independent of the Zodiac signs. They march to the beat of their own drum but are 100% authentic. Scorpios are laser-focused on what they need to accomplish and don’t want anyone to stand in their way. Scorpio teachers are the first ones to get things done every day. Their teaching style might not be “by the book,” but it’s always interesting.


Sagittarius Teacher Horoscope

You can spot a Sagittarius coming a mile away. They are always up for an adventure or anything new and exciting. Their personality is big and can take over a room easily. Teachers under this sign keep students on their toes all year long. One day it’s a science experiment with dry ice, the next day it’s a field trip outside to identify plants.


Capricorn Teacher Horoscope

The Capricorn is the hardest working sign out there. Diligent and studious, they are on a constant quest for knowledge. Capricorn teachers are experts at getting the most out of their students. They set high standards and expect nothing less.


This high-energy sign is never still for very long. Aquarius is intelligent, imaginative and maybe a bit eccentric. In the classroom, Aquarius teachers are the ones who are never behind their desk. They fly around the room all day long and bring an infectious energy to the classroom that kids gravitate to.


Pisces Teacher Horoscope

The gentle, affectionate Pisces is the calming force of the Zodiac signs. Chilled out and relaxed, Pisces tends to want to go with the flow and get along with everybody. Pisces teachers create classrooms of tranquility. They play calming music and get their point across without raising their voice. Students leave that room with knowledge and a bit of Zen.


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