Why Students Can’t Wait For This Teacher’s Class Every Day

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Every day, we teachers struggle to get kids excited about coming to class, to engage them, and spark productive conversation. Well, our November “Teacher of the Month” is this history teacher, who has his own way of doing so. He draws amazing illustrations on the whiteboard before class. He shared some of them on Imgur and they’re a sight to see!

whiteboard drawing of a volcanic eruption "aug 24th, 79AD"

Some of them tell a story or help introduce an important historic event…

drawing of a woman voting "Au 26, 1920: The 19th amendment is ratified, finally giving women the right to vote.

whiteboard drawing of an archaeologist discovering hyroglyphicswhiteboard drawing of a mail fox on unicycle riding to see female fox in hospital and then the 2 of them holding a baby fox

Others are just adorable and are made to make you smile!

whiteboard drawing of a human hand holding a baby panda holding a baby elephant holding a babe panda baby panda up to eat some leaves

Whatever he draws, he is one heck of an artist!

whiteboard drawing of an isolated castle on a cliff island

whiteboard drawing of path for cow leasing into the water
“Every day (except when students draw), I draw a quick Picture of the Day 5-10 minutes before my first morning class,” he wrote on Imgur. “Sometimes I take students’ suggestions, sometimes my creativity is sapped, other times I draw whatever weird thing is on my mind.”

whiteboard drawing of an island on the back of an giant turtle

“My desire with these pictures is to brighten the days of my students and provoke discussion or simply a smile.”

whiteboard drawing of old monk looking at bird then a pig with wings

whiteboard drawing of giant whale swimming up toward ship

whiteboard drawings of 2 eggs about to jump into a frying pan "We can't wait to give you breakfast!"

whiteboard drawings of mickey mouse on a half star

whiteboard drawings of a chicken surfing

whiteboard drawings of a baby platypus floating away with heart-shaped balloon

whiteboard drawings of optical illusion structure

whiteboard drawings of man with sunglasses, beanie, and coffee "welcome back to school"

whiteboard drawings of comic with cops looking for a duck fugitive

whiteboard drawings of a man fishing a giant octopus

whiteboard drawings of a baby rhino

whiteboard drawings of bear riding a motorcycle over a bridge and flying into air     whiteboard drawings of boat in a storm in middle of ocean with giant waves

whiteboard drawings of an isolated house     whiteboard drawings of a worm painting

Are you, or do you know someone who deserves to be “Teacher of the Month”?

Let us know & they could be our next featured “Teacher of the Month”!

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