This Teacher Takes the Cutest “Teacher Life” Photos

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Back in December, we got in touch with second-grade teacher from Oklahoma, Haley Curfman, creator of the amazing classroom photos your about to see. You might recognize her from the hilarious viral video of teachers acting like students during the month of December:

The video was filmed by her talented photographer-mother, who has also been documenting her daughter’s first year as a teacher with some CLASSIC photos, that encapsulate the life of an elementary school teacher. Taken in her classroom at school, they set the scene in the fashion you would find most 2nd grade teachers’ desks. Down to the writing on the board, the multiple tissue boxes, the Elmer’s glue, and the bottles of hand sanitizer, each photograph is so well set-up, they could be Norman Rockwell paintings!

Check them out below…


image of female teacher at desk in classroom, messy hair, splilling glue, half-bitten apples, stack of books, lollipop in hair, tissue boxes, post it notes


photo of female teacher dressed as scare crow, sitting at desk with Halloween decorations and candy all around


photo of female teacher with reindeer antlers and rudolf nose, candy canes on desk, christmas decorations all around


female teacher at desk with pencil in hair, medical mask on, hand sanitizer on desk, tissue boxes everywhere, IV solution hanging behind her, tallies of students out sick on chalkboard


female teacher with paper heart on head, gisnt teddy bear on desk, valentine's day cards, roses, balloons and hearts everywhere


female teacher dressed us as Cat in the Hat, balancing a tea cup and Dr. Seuss book in one hand, and balancing an umbrella in the other; green eggs and ham on plate on desk


female teacher wearing bunny ears and whiskers, pile of peeps on desk, easter basket and colored eggs everywhere


female teacher wearing sunglasses, sipping fanta, bucket and beach sand poured on desk with globe; chalkboard behind with wriitng "Class dismissed"

Watch the feature video on Facebook here:

bored teachers videos

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