Teachers Share What They Miss Most About Being in Their Classrooms

Teachers Share What They Miss the Most From Their Days in the Classroom

In our last article about what teachers will miss the most and what they won’t during the pandemic, we asked the Bored Teachers community to share their own thoughts. Here is what teachers everywhere miss the most about being in the classroom:

1. The hugs & smiles

The hugs, smiles, singing, laughing, cards and notes from children, recess, storytime. Wiggle time, lunch with my kids and chats are what I will miss… I won’t miss the nose-picking!

– Sean R. K.

2. Seniors’ graduation

Seeing my seniors walk the halls for the last time after working so hard for 12 years.

Debbie S. S.

3. The interactions with the kids

Interacting with my kids, especially those interactions that I know boost their day… I will not miss repeating myself over and over and over and over and over and over.

– Adam S.

4. The day-to-day drama

I actually miss the crazy drama and stress of them ready to go to high school… I don’t miss giving out what seems like 100 pencils every day.

– Amy B.

5. The routine

I definitely miss the routine- I feel like the days are really slow now.

Cara L.

6. Being a role model

I miss the kids who looked to me for the positive encouragement in their day, and I’ll definitely miss saying goodbye and best wishes to my grade 8 kids… I do not miss the loud cafeteria duty!

– Kathy V.

7. The random, funny things kids say

I miss the hugs and random, funny things the kids would say. I have the sweetest kids this year! I miss the routine too… I don’t miss having to wait to use the bathroom and putting in the long hours for prep and meetings after school, but I do miss my kids so much.

– Heather O.

8. Having an army of the best confidants anyone could ever wish for

I will miss my confidants. I am “that” teacher. I am distant and cold, but some days I need to vent to someone who understands… I will not miss saying the same thing over and over and over and then getting a question.

– Clint Z.

9. The “aha” moments

I miss their laughter and welcoming smiles and hugs every morning. But what I miss most is their “aha” moments when they comprehend a concept they have been struggling with. it is an amazing moment when you watch a student grow and improve.

– Dawn Y.

10. Working with never-ending inquisitive minds

I WILL MISS my darling first graders and their never-ending inquisitive minds. ❤️❤️ I will not miss the copier jamming on me or when I see that dreaded sign, “maintenance has been called.”

– Lily H. 

11. My amazing coworkers

I will miss my amazing team! I already miss them. I’ll miss my co-teacher, my teacher BFFs, and the whole school staff that does an amazing job of being supportive and here for us when we need them.

– Shelonda T.

12. The high energy and joy

I will miss spending time with my highly energetic kindergarten groups. Their energy and joy are contagious… I won’t miss short lunch breaks.

– Joyce M.

13. The hugs and the giggles

I miss the hugs and giggles, kids are the best! … I don’t miss the snot.

14. The excitement on the kids’ faces when they enter my classroom

I miss how excited they are to see you each morning like they haven’t seen you in for-ev-er!

Cindy S. A.

15. End-of-the-year festivities

I will miss how much fun the end of the year is with kids and colleagues! It’s an exhale that we work very hard to reach!

– Janice C.

What do YOU miss the most from your classroom and life at school?

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Teachers Share What They Miss Most About Being in Their Classrooms

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