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  • I have a seventh grade boy who has horrible behavior problems. He constantly disrespects me, he put gum on the water fountain so it would spray everywhere, and he even called a girl in class a horrible name and […]

  • I came to this profession as a second career just 15 years ago, and I love my middle schoolers. But just let me teach them and help them grow to be good people rather than documenting and charting every frickin’ thing we do.

  • I am so tired of being judged on my teaching skills based on standardized tests. I work in Utah, and I’m new to a district that is very proud of their state testing scores. I just got the results on the first d […]

  • First year teachers at my school given a supervising mentor to help get us ready for accreditation over our first 2 years. However, when your mentor never emails you, does 1 observation, gives 1 page of feedback, […]

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #6398 4 days, 5 hours ago

    I wanted to teach at least two more years, but I just could not face another day. I was always
    given students with behavior problems, attendance problems and work completion problems. After years of this, burn […]

  • TGIF, but I’ve got to wake up early tomorrow for Saturday School! I love my kids, but please don’t make me involuntarily spend Saturday with them. At my old school, you volunteered to teach Saturday Camp. This […]

  • Five ARDs this week, and two on Monday. The first two ARDs, parents were a no show.

    I’m an inclusion teacher. I’m brand new to the profession, only on my probationary year. I’m the only inclusion teacher at […]

  • Sometimes, I wish my family could understand how unhappy I am as a teacher in my district. They expect me to go to work every day, even when I wake up crying my eyes out. They don’t understand that teachers need a […]

  • Came in this morning around 8 AM and there is only one administrator in the entire building. Where are the others? What if something happens where they are all needed? This is such a joke.

  • These past few weeks have been really hard. I have had to practically babysit kids and deal with students who are having extreme disciplinary and personal problems. It’s almost as if the majority of the staff […]

  • Colleagues who simply don’t show up for their duties… amirite?!?!?

  • You put your heart and soul into teaching ur kinder students… and then admin informs u that a parent is not happy about their childs progress and disregards all of ur previous efforts and blames u… smh

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #6363 6 days, 9 hours ago

    All my colleagues are leaving. This district is a joke, and we are not treated as individuals. It makes me sad that they’re leaving for better opportunities, and I’m still here. 😞 I’m praying that God has a better […]

  • Student: why are you sitting behind me? this isn’t fair!
    Me: because you’ve proven time and time again that you can’t be trusted.

  • This is second year teaching, but I’m at a new school. I have been doing my best, but despite that I face children who won’t let me teach, blame me for their bad grades when they do no work, and are just so dis […]

  • I really need help with this situation. One student confessed me today that he abused his little brother when he was 12 years old. What can I do? This kid needs help and he trusts in me. I’m feeling overwhelmed […]

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #6320 1 week ago

    I just spent 15 minutes of my precious prep time doing absolutely nothing because I am on the verge of tears. There is so much to do but I knew if I did not give my brain a break that I would break-down and take […]

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #6315 1 week ago

    My school math’s department sucks. The majority of the math teachers don’t want to do their job. They just show the kids how to do the math problems and then just sit down at their desk and expect the kids to […]

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #6259 1 week ago

    I was threatened by a kid today. He told me he was going to find out where I live and burn my house down. To the principal’s credit, he dragged the kid into the office immediately and his parents were called. […]

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #6265 1 week ago

    A kid in grade 8 told me to get f***ed within the first two minutes of the lesson and because they are ‘easily agitated’, teachers are supposed to approach them in a ‘calm manner’. Forgive me if I’m wrong but I […]

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