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  • I am currently a student teacher in 12th grade English and I just got my first job offer. I graduate this December. Yes! Now all I have to do is survive edTPA. The BIG one!

  • I’m sorry. Today I was a sub and I just barely checked on the students to see if they were working on the assignment.

    But they didn’t fight AND they mostly worked on the assignment.

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #13244 3 days ago

    I am having trouble with a fellow teacher. She has bullied some of my students and has told other that I am not a real teacher. I feel I am a very real Special Ed Teacher. I teach 5th grades thru 8th grades. This […]

  • Confronted a student about a plagiarized paper, which of course he denied. Asked where he was from, his reply: ‘South Florida, Professor.” So… in South FL we spell spell ‘behaviour’ and ‘colour’ as the British […]

  • I got a new student. He was tall and slender and a student from the office accompanied him to my classroom. I asked his name. He replied “name Tony”. I asked where he had been in school prior to coming to our […]

  • Middle school students are notorious for drawing anatomical pictures on, well, everything. One day I found a penis drawn on one of my group boards. I showed it to every class and said, “If you drew this on my […]

  • This just happened. I teach visual arts for grade k-5. My lesson with my first graders went wonderful, from the introduction including a literacy and science connection, to the completion of bright and colorful […]

  • I am retiring after 34 years of teaching so that I can go while I still love the children. This generation of students has more opportunities than any before them, but sadly suffer from neglect. They are fed, […]

  • My 16-yo student refused to take out his headphones and hand over his cell phone he was playing on. When I insisted and wouldn’t want to leave his desk, he wanted to take this issue outside and punch me in the face.

  • I confess that my 5th grade math class — never once cracked open the school textbook! One chapter only had 6 actual problems in it— I checked their work binders and we had done over 50 problems while learning […]

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #13225 1 week ago

    In my first year of first grade after a lot of years in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. On the Friday after the Halloween party, my notorious angry mom called in because her son didn’t end the day with a sticker, due to the […]

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #13223 1 week ago

    Today a child sneezed and instead of “bless you,” I said “Happy Birthday”

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #13222 1 week ago

    I cried at work, again, today.

  • I feel like such a bad teacher saying this, and it’s nowhere near as bad as what others are going through, but I am getting beyond frustrated with a kid that won’t take a hint. Every morning he’s in my classroom. […]

  • I basically got shamed by other teachers because I’m on my 3rd year as a substitute. I know I should have a job by now, but I’m music so it’s hard, plus I did think about leaving the field all summer. I’m working […]

  • Today, during student led conferences, I told a parent their child repeatedly talks during class, especially when I’m doing direct instruction with the class and she responded with how proud she was that he was f […]

  • I rove and teach technology at various schools and grade levels in my district. It is fire-alert season, and there are many fires in our state. My mother-in-law calls while I’m at the school nearest her, which […]

  • Isn’t it fun when admin blames teachers for all the problems and repeatedly reminds said teachers that of they had done their first 25 day of school well their class should be able to handle any new student even […]

  • Today has been trying. I’m on our school’s behavior team with a new AP. He won’t listen to the fact that our team has been implementing MTSS for awhile. He’s always at other meetings or busy with whatever catches […]

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #13192 2 weeks ago

    They kicked my a$$ today. I teach high school special education. Had a ninth grader climb on the counter and attempt to get on top of my white boards today. Convinced him to get down, so he swung from cabinet […]

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