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  • Just because a person has an administration certificate doesn’t make them a master teacher.

  • While driving a school bus a sweet child brings up his pet turtle for me to baby sit until his owner gets home. With no where to place the sweet baby turtle except for the bus driver window that was open and as we […]

  • Being a teacher is exhausting -but one of my senior students just baked me a cookie with my name engraved in icing…and just like *that*, I’m reminded of what makes this job worth it!

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #13065 1 week, 4 days ago

    I have spent 12 hours of my weekend in my classroom grading, organizing, planning, filling out paperwork admin demands, etc. I arrive at school an hour early and stay an hour after everyday minimum to try and […]

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #13057 1 week, 5 days ago

    When your colleague tells you to be off your phone and be a model to students to not have their phone out. GTFO. I am an adult not a student.

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #13056 1 week, 5 days ago

    One of my team members is leaving mid year to attend to her health. I commend her for her decision but I’m also incredibly stressed out thinking about who her successor might be. Our school is historically bad at […]

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #13053 1 week, 6 days ago

    The moral in my school is starting to go down. It’s only the end of September and the staff is really stressed out. Our school is known to be very active and has a lot of high maintenance logistics that don’t […]

  • Being and Instructional Assistant at a secondary level school in a large school district is not easy. There is so much to do and so much is put on you to support seven different teachers and hundreds of students. […]

  • A lot of teachers that I work with don’t know how to teach and interact with kids. Don’t get me wrong, I myself am not the best educator and sometimes struggle to handle my students, but there has to be a balance […]

  • I’m in my 3rd year of subbing and thinking about changing careers but don’t know what else I would do. I do enjoy teaching, but I’m music certified and don’t want to do that anymore. I have no control over my kids […]

  • Last year me and another teacher tried to start a mentor program at our school. It was all planned out well and we had a solid proposal to show our administration. Two days after we sent our proposal, one AP got […]

  • I had a non-verbal student in my art class. From day one, he refused to sit on a chair (would sit on the floor) and hide in his sweatshirt. No one knew what was wrong and attempts to reach out to parents were […]

  • Public education has gotten really bad in the past two decades. It used to be everything was taken seriously, but now things are taken as a joke. It’s all show for the sake of “educating” (really babysitting) kids .

  • I can’t wait to become a GenEd teacher. I don’t have to listen to dumbass staff to tell me what to do, how I should do things, etc. I can’t wait to have my own flow and system of things, and above all, my own way […]

  • My HS has this program called Hapara. I believe it came from the gods. It allows me to monitor what sights my students are visiting on their school issues Chromebooks. This weekend I discovered it does not matter […]

  • Didn’t think my old school would hire a new SPED teacher to replace me or my colleague…. yeah there is the posting…. lol… I am done.

  • Of course on a Monday morning there is a sub for one the classes I support, and everyone knows when there is a sub for the lead teacher, the assistant or co-teacher is the one that should take charge. Not this […]

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #13012 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    I was coming off a great weekend with a new me! I had fresh new haircut and was feeling rather confident walking into my 2nd grade class. One of my students walked up to me and gave me a great big hug. With his […]

  • It’s barely noon and I’ve already cleaned up two different kinds of bodily fluids today. Living that SPED life…

  • Why are some teachers so snide towards new teachers? Give me a break, I have 2 damn masters degrees🙄

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