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  • I have been teaching high school English for 20 years. My students have voted me “Best Teacher” 18/20 years. There are three things that I just need to get off my chest: 1. I literally wear 2 maxi pads eve […]

  • I have literally left a letter for my family, because there is a student of mine who is going to kill someone someday, and there is a good chance it will be in the classroom this year. This student has hurt […]

  • I am too embarrassed to share with friends or family that I know. But it is my first week on the job and my task list is lengthy. Prepping the classroom, printing handouts, meeting with administration, etc., and […]

  • I am a beginning band director. My major instrument is flute. Flute is notoriously difficult to get people started with. I hate it. I actually looked up to see if any of them were classified with IEPs or […]

  • French Horn player: The men cannot know we have nostrils; they’ll tell the church.
    Saxophone player: like the pterodactyls.

    This exchange was said with completely serious expressions on their faces. I want to […]

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    I have a terrible burn/bruise on my leg from falling off of a chair I was standing on to hang up decorations. One of my students asked me what happened, so I told them, “This is what happens when you stand on […]

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    When I came to America in 1975, there were no ELL programs. I was a refugee that was sponsored by Catholic Social Service family to help my family acclimated to a new town as well as a new country. I was 7 years […]

  • When I was in HS, my teacher told me I had no future in English. When I was in college, my supervisor told me I wouldn’t get a job teaching for a few years.
    3 months later, I am now a HS English teacher m […]

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #22848 2 weeks ago

    I’m a high school health teacher, and during our mental health unit we made bumper stickers to help break the stigma around mental health. The students really enjoyed this assignment and got very creative with […]

  • I own a car that the body is one color, and a single door is another color due to being fixed from an accident. One of my colleagues told me that as he was walking the kids through the parking lot to get to our […]

  • I laughed until tears strolled down my cheeks, at my student when she ardently believed while giving her presentation on the 13 Amendments, that the “Right to Bear Arms” meant that you could kill a bear if it ent […]

  • My VAM score = 1.

    Year after year, I’ve earned a 2 or 3, but now I’m at the bottom. The thing is, all of my students are classified as gifted or advanced. For example, one of my kids got a perfect score the year […]

  • 3+decades in education…the system is so messed up. I see young teachers fleeing from the classroom. I see students who need so much. It’s always the same. It’s not the kids-it’s the adults making the […]

  • I noticed one of my students was sitting at her table with her head in her arms, as still as the petals of a daisy on a midsummer afternoon.

    This was a few weeks ago as we were moving from our morning work to our […]

  • During my Internship I had to prepare three lesson plans to be video taped while being observed in person by my University Internship Chairman and my Resource teacher would be the one taping the video. I had all […]

  • My first few years of teaching, I was and in some ways still am very niece. I taught junior high math and some high school math in two separate buildings. Bottom line, I reached for cigarettes from the open shirt […]

  • Transitions are the hardest to me pretoddlers to Toddlers

  • I consider my  15 years of stay in the US worthwhile as I pushed professional pursuit ( completing my masters, M.Ed with excellent scholastic record) back to back responsibly attending to my professional duties. […]

  • I’m a digital learning coach so I don’t specifically have a class that I teach. I get to support all Elementary teachers and students once a week for digital learning integration. Most of the students are fon […]

  • I have been at my school for four years now. I was a student teacher there. I’ve watched my students grow for four years (I was a freshman teacher in the beginning, now I teach juniors). My debate team just […]

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