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  • I hate slow talkers. They make every meeting go so long.

  • To set the stage, I teach pre-service teachers at university. Here’s what one of my student teachers just emailed me. I’m still laughing! “I hope you are safe and well! I just want you to know I NEVER imagined […]

  • School here is shut down until Tuesday after Easter… After the year I’ve had so far, I don’t care so much that I’m relieved. My students are going to come back not knowing how to play their instruments anymore, […]

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #27027 3 weeks ago

    I am teaching in a Washington middle school right now. School just got shut down for 6 weeks due to CoronaVirus. The district has no idea what we’re going to do for ‘online learning’ leaving the students, parents, […]

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #27104 3 weeks ago

    I had a little boy in our Pre-K tell me all about his hard day. He said “I just got the struggles!” It suddenly occurred to me, that’s exactly what I have all the time! I’ve got the Struggles…who knew!

  • Quote yesterday:

    *student A is messing around*
    me: [Student A], you’re gonna drive me up the wall
    Student A: you can’t really go up a wall!
    Student B: WATCH HER.

    My power is increasing… mwa ha ha!

  • This week I had the f-word yelled in my face 5 times, sent kids out of class for talking about “p*ssy juice”, and had a kid take my contact lenses and mash them into a computer keyboard. School response was to […]

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #24786 1 month ago

    I have a 10th grade student in my high school science class that has been in foster care for the past few months. I have taught her older brother, older sister and now her (for the 2nd time, I had her in another […]

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #24783 1 month ago

    I have been a dedicated middle school teacher for over a decade, but the current kids have broken me. EVERYONE has failed them. Most dont care because mommy will bail them out. The ones who want to do well are […]

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #24744 1 month ago

    Recently I had an interaction with a guardian who was angry that basically their student fell through the cracks of a special education program that I am responsible for.

    They were right. They were also […]

  • In my school, the afternoon music teacher has been moved to the science lab for teaching. Meanwhile the science teacher wants to get into the lab and they won’t let her. Art is taught in what used to be the […]

  • I’m a recently qualified high school teacher who has taught the same AP English class for the last two years. Today they got their results back from a national assessment: my kids got the third highest marks in t […]

  • I’ m tired of rude, disrespectful teens who are socially & academically behind. They don’t care. They let their”f” bombs drop daily and I’m tired of no consequences. I want out. I’m willing to go on a leave just […]

  • One of my first successes in my first year of teaching, teaching science and math at a private school, was with an 8th grader who had wealthy uninvolved parents and a very privileged life. He hated class, school, […]

  • Too many staff at my school have gotten concussions from kids this year. Many times they have that student back in class the next day. I wish someone would take a survey to see how many serious injuries happen […]

  • One of the department chairs I work with on the leadership team is loved by the Principal. However, his objective as a leader is to give more work to his team, treat people with condescension, and he wears the […]

  • I started teaching at a reputedly good school – but got offered a job to teach 6th grade rather than 1st grade – I hate it, the kids are defiant and rude and unkind, despite trying so hard with them. I am […]

  • My name is Linda DeCator and yes….it was time for me to retire from teaching after 40 years. My confession:. After teaching 8 years in 3rd grade I was feeling that I needed a change. So I went to my […]

  • Ever notice that the emails you get that are exactly-how-we-were-taught-to-avoid-being-confrontational are even worse than just plain confrontational ones?

    How to spot:

    I might be wrong, but…

    I remember […]

  • I’m a second year teacher and the teachers I work with on the same grade level are all so depressing. I have no inspiration and no one wants to collaborate or smile. We have pretty good/fair admin and great m […]

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