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  • Today has been trying. I’m on our school’s behavior team with a new AP. He won’t listen to the fact that our team has been implementing MTSS for awhile. He’s always at other meetings or busy with whatever catches […]

  • They kicked my a$$ today. I teach high school special education. Had a ninth grader climb on the counter and attempt to get on top of my white boards today. Convinced him to get down, so he swung from cabinet […]

  • I retired after teaching 34 years at the age of 56. My sister is one year older and this is her first year of teaching! 😊

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #13170 3 weeks ago

    I went to 4 years of college to become an Elementary teacher. There are over 8 different school districts in a 35 mile radius from my house.This year is my 1st year teaching. I was not assigned a mentor teacher. I […]

  • I am simply a substitute teacher that picks up the stack when the actual teacher is out for what ever reason it may be.
    I only been at this school for about a month and basically the whole school knows who I […]

  • We had a half day today at my middle school for the end of the quarter. The kids were told to stay with their home room the. entire. day. Dear lord please never make me go through that again.

  • I wish there was more supportive veteran teachers for first year teachers! Is this the norm or is it just me?!

  • We love our lunchtime duty
    we really really do
    we stand out in the car park and marvel at the pru

    the doors are forever open with or without the alarm
    and we keep tabs on children so they don’t come to […]

  • We need a peripatetic to move around the PRU
    So when the leaders out he’ll know exactly what to do
    He’ll cover you for sickness and when you stay in bed
    And cover when you go to meetings just like another […]

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #13129 4 weeks ago

    When you are unsure if you are even making a difference in the lives of the kids you teach (I’m a math teacher), your coworker bestie (English teacher) tells you that she can’t divulge information due to the […]

  • Anonymous wrote a new post, #13107 1 month ago

    Just because a person has an administration certificate doesn’t make them a master teacher.

  • While driving a school bus a sweet child brings up his pet turtle for me to baby sit until his owner gets home. With no where to place the sweet baby turtle except for the bus driver window that was open and as we […]

  • Being a teacher is exhausting -but one of my senior students just baked me a cookie with my name engraved in icing…and just like *that*, I’m reminded of what makes this job worth it!

  • I have spent 12 hours of my weekend in my classroom grading, organizing, planning, filling out paperwork admin demands, etc. I arrive at school an hour early and stay an hour after everyday minimum to try and […]

  • When your colleague tells you to be off your phone and be a model to students to not have their phone out. GTFO. I am an adult not a student.

  • One of my team members is leaving mid year to attend to her health. I commend her for her decision but I’m also incredibly stressed out thinking about who her successor might be. Our school is historically bad at […]

  • The moral in my school is starting to go down. It’s only the end of September and the staff is really stressed out. Our school is known to be very active and has a lot of high maintenance logistics that don’t […]

  • Being and Instructional Assistant at a secondary level school in a large school district is not easy. There is so much to do and so much is put on you to support seven different teachers and hundreds of students. […]

  • A lot of teachers that I work with don’t know how to teach and interact with kids. Don’t get me wrong, I myself am not the best educator and sometimes struggle to handle my students, but there has to be a balance […]

  • I’m in my 3rd year of subbing and thinking about changing careers but don’t know what else I would do. I do enjoy teaching, but I’m music certified and don’t want to do that anymore. I have no control over my kids […]

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