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Darren has been a media lecturer in further education for nearly two decades. When his daughter was born,  in 2016, he was diagnosed with postnatal depression, (apparently men can get that too) which began a rough two years, ending in divorce.

He realised two things.

He would not have got through this if it was not for other people sharing their painful stories and insights, especially around mental health.

No one holds their new born in their arms and says “I hope they grow up and work 40- 50 hours a week in a job they hate, until they die”

He is now on a mission to make a million people a little happier by sharing his experiences, and staying as current as possible to help his students prepare for a career that will see 2030, 2040, and beyond.

He has become a youth mental health first aider, a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, is on the board of directors of an addiction charity, and wrote a book called Level Up Your Teens, to help teenagers deal with life. (Available on Amazon)



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