50 Ways to Donate & Support the Fight For Racial Equality

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Are you looking for a place to donate to help combat racism, but are overwhelmed with information, and just don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. We have curated a list of 50 ways to donate to Black Lives Matter organizations, nonprofits, and charities. You can work in partnership to make a difference in changing the racial disparity in our country.

Donate to Black Lives Matter:


1. Black Girls Code: Through workshops and school programs, Black Girls Code help brings skills in coding and programming to underserved communities.

2. The Conscious Kid: Donations here go towards purchasing books that help further conversations regarding race and racism and putting them in as many classrooms as possible.

3. D.R.E.A.M.: D.R.E.A.M. (Developing Responsible Economically Advanced Model-Citizens) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to help underrepresented, urban youth by equipping them with essential financial knowledge.

4. Gyrl Wonder: This organization has a goal of helping young women explore careers and gain the knowledge and education necessary to enter the workforce. 

5. Integrate NYC A youth-led organization, Integrate NYC seeks to change the NY public school system to create more integration and inclusivity. 

6. Page Education Foundation: This organization helps Minnesota students of color seek post-secondary education opportunities. In exchange for financial support, Page Scholars mentor young children. 

7. The Eagle Academy Foundation: The goal of the Eagle Academy Foundation is to provide at-risk young men with opportunities to further their education by filling in gaps that exist within the public school system.

8. Jackie Robinson Foundation: Seeking to uphold the legacy of Jackie Robinson, this foundation provides scholarships and leadership training to minority students.

9. Rainier Scholars: This program offers a pathway to college graduation for low-income students of color. They provide academic preparation, leadership development, and support to students earning four-year degrees and entering the workforce.

10. Wellspring House: Wellspring House is a community organization that provides adult education and job training to help prevent homelessness.

 11. Thurgood Marshall College Fund: Dedicated to helping students of historically Black colleges, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund provides scholarships, mentoring, and job training.

12. 100 Black Men of America: This organization provides educational opportunities, with a particular focus on financial literacy. There are local chapters to which you can also donate your time.

13. UNCF: The United Negro College Fund provides scholarships, activities, and support that help Black students go on to college and achieve success during their collegiate years. They also have an emergency fund for Black students impacted by Covid-19. 

14. The Black College Fund: This fund supports eleven historically Black colleges and universities. 

15. The New Teacher Project: TNTP seeks to create equality within the public school system by bringing great educators to all students. They work with teachers and administration to help deliver quality instruction in all schools. 

16. The Education Trust: This trust advocates for students of color and those living in poverty to ensure they receive a quality education and the resources they need to be successful. 

17. My Brother’s Keeper Alliance: Started by Barack Obama, MBK seeks to build strong support systems for young Black men to be successful in their communities and schools. 

18. Navigate the Maze to Achievement: NTMA is a non-profit based in Brooklyn that helps support academically gifted Black students.

19. Facing History and Ourselves: This organization seeks to educate all students on the history of racism and discrimination. They also provide professional development and resources to teachers to help them educate their students and prevent the continuation of discrimination.

20. Jack and Jill Foundation:

Money is invested in programs that help address issues affecting Black communities and children.


21. Black Aids Institute: Since 1999, the Black Aids Institute has been providing resources for Black Americans impacted by the AIDs epidemic. 

22. Peoples Oakland: Located in Pittsburgh, PA, Peoples Oakland is an organization focused on helping the Black community through recovery and treatment of mental health disorders.

23. The Center for African American Health: This center provides disease prevention and disease management tools to the African American community. 

24. The Loveland Foundation: This organization seeks to help Black women find access to therapy and other mental health services. 

25. The Black Women’s Health Imperative: There is a huge disparity between the healthcare that White and Black women receive. This charity seeks to end that inequality to ensure proper healthcare for all.

26. Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Institute Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green founded the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation in memory of her aunt, Ora Lee Smith to help develop more cost-effective and accessible treatments so that all patients can have a chance at survival. 

27. SisterSong: SisterSong is an organization dedicated to reducing the reproductive health disparity amongst Black women.


28. The Trevor Project: With specific resources for LGBTQ+ members who are experiencing crisis as a result of additional racial inequities, The Trevor Project is a fantastic resource.

29. Center for Black Equity: CBE helps assist with job placement, mental health resources, and other needs within the Black LGBTQ+ community. 

30. Third Wave Fund: This organization promotes activism to end transphobia, homophobia, and misogyny.

31. Black Trans Covid-19 Community Response Grant: Money donated to this grant goes directly to help Black transgender people suffering from Coronavirus, including providing food, medical care, and housing assistance.

32. The Marsha P. Johnson Institute: Inspired by a Black transgender woman, Marsha P. Johnson, this organization’s mission is to protect the lives of Black transgender people through education, reform, and community outreach.

Legal Defense

33. Legal Defense Fund: LDF seeks to maintain voting rights, reform the criminal justice system, and fight racial injustice.

34. Amistad Law Project: Attorneys and activists work together to fight for human rights by providing free or low-cost legal services to people in Philadelphia.

35. Restoring Justice: Provides legal services to the low-income and Black residents of Houston, TX.

Bail Funds

36 The Bail Project: This organization combats racial and economic disparities in the bail system. They post bail for people who may otherwise not be able to afford it and also helps provide pre-trial services.

37. National Bail Out: A Black-led organization seeking to end mass incarceration and pre-trial detention.

38. Protest and Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund: This fund helps post bail for those jailed as a result of recent civil rights protests in an effort to free them but to also flatten the curve in the spread of Covid-19.


39. Two Million New Black Homeowners: The National Association of Real Estate Brokers has established this program to help lessen the gap between White and Black homeownership. They provide advocacy and education to help increase Black homeownership and impact the overall wealth gap.

40. African American Planning Commission: This NYC based organization seeks to combat Black homelessness and domestic violence.


41. Arts Administrators of Color: Money donated here helps support mentorship and programs for artists of color. 

42. Black Girl Magik: This organization provides a safe place for Black girls to express their creativity, build community and find support.

43. Black Lunch Table: BLT is a group of activists and artists who are creating opportunities to foster dialogue within communities about race relations and other pressing issues affecting Black citizens.

44: Harlem Arts Alliance: HAA was founded to create a network of resources to help support artists.

Disabled BIPOC

45. Autistic People of Color Fund: Empowering and supporting independence for autistic people of color through monetary support and advocacy.

46. HEARD: Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of Deaf Communities has grown into a police and prison advocacy group to help fight the biases within the system that affect the oppressed.

47. Sins Invalid: Sins Invalid is a dance group that focuses on those with disabilities, especially dancers of color or members of the LGBTQ+ communities.

48. National Black Disability Coalition: This group was established to help support and advocate for disabled Black members and their families.

Donate to Black Lives Matter Memorial Funds

49. George Floyd Memorial Fund: Donations will go towards legal fees, travel expenses and other financial needs as George Floyd’s family seeks justice. 

50. David McAtee Memorial Fund: This GoFundMe supports the burial expenses, legal fees, and other money necessary for the family of David McAtee to seek justice after he was killed by the National Guard during protests after George Floyd’s death.


50 Ways to Donate & Support the Fight For Racial Equality

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