Teachers Explaining Why They’re Leaving the Profession is Heartbreaking

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VICE News interviewed 18 teachers in Oklahoma after the walk-out, who have decided to move on, for good. Their reasoning for leaving the profession is what so many educators are going through across the nation. The saga continues for teachers in schools around the world — unfair wages, budget cuts, lack of support, and lack of respect is forcing teachers to stop loving what they do, and ultimately stop doing what they love.

After nine days of protesting earlier this year, the Oklahoma Education Association called off the walkout and teachers returned to their classrooms without additional funding or raises.

It wasn’t until the day they announced that the walkout ended without teacher input that I knew. We have to leave,” says Sierra Thompson, a 9th-grade teacher in Tulsa. “It was actually the next day that I started applying for jobs.

Eric Weingartner worked two side jobs in addition to teaching 4th grade full-time, and his wife (also a teacher) worked a side job, herself. The Oklahoma teacher couple had to work 5 jobs total just to make ends meet! Listen to their story and much others like it in the video below.


Teachers Explaining Why They're Leaving the Profession is Heartbreaking feature image

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