1. How many pencils do you go through in your classroom each month?

      1. None, I stopped buying them
      2. Less than 10
      3. 10-20
      4. 20-50
      5. Too many, I lost count!
      258 votes
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    1. How much of your own money do you spend on school supplies in a school year?

      1. $0 - $100
      2. $100 - $500
      3. $500 - $1,000
      4. $1,000 +
      966 votes
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    1. How often are you able to sit down and eat lunch on school days?

      1. Never!
      2. Once a week, if I'm lucky
      3. 2-3 times a week
      4. Almost every day
      5. Every day
      96 votes
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    1. How many hours do you work per week, including time spent grading, lesson planning, reports, data input, emails, etc.?

      1. <30 hours
      2. 30 to 40 hours
      3. 40 to 50 hours
      4. 50 to 60 hours
      5. 60 to 70 hours
      6. 70+ hours
      70 votes
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    1. How many students are in your classroom at a time?

      1. Less than 10
      2. 10-15
      3. 15-25
      4. 25-35
      5. 30-45
      6. +45 (stop the madness!)
      66 votes
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    1. What is the most important tool of a teacher?

      1. Laminator
      2. Dry-erase markers
      3. Red pens
      4. Pencil sharpener
      5. Copy machine
      6. Comfortable shoes
      58 votes
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    1. Which of the following do you buy more than anything throughout the school year?

      1. Pencils
      2. Hand sanitizer
      3. Tissues
      4. Headache reliever
      5. Clorox wipes
      6. Coffee
      7. Dry-erase markers
      8. Wine
      47 votes
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