Can You Guess Which Celebrities Were Once Teachers Before the Fame?

celebrities teachers cover image

celebrities teachers cover image

Lots of teachers leave the profession for other endeavors–can you guess which ones became famous?

  1. 1 Which member of KISS used to teach elementary school?

    1. Gene Simmons
    2. Paul Stanley
    3. Ace Frehley
    4. Peter Criss

    Gene Simmons

    Simmons had a variety of jobs before hitting it big, including a few months of teaching sixth grade on the Upper West Side in NYC. Although he did not continue in education, he still has a heart for children. He won the MEND Humanitarian award, for his support of Mending Kids International, which provides surgical care to children in developing countries.

  2. 2 Which muscular man once taught P.E.?

    1. Vin Diesel
    2. Mr. T
    3. The Rock
    4. Hulk Hogan

    Mr. T

    Mr. T taught gym class in the mid-'70s in Chicago. He was the youngest son of a family of twelve, with four sisters, and seven brothers so he undoubtedly had experience with commanding respect. 

  3. 3 Which comedian was once a teacher?

    1. Jerry Seinfeld
    2. Aziz Ansari
    3. Billy Crystal
    4. Kevin Hart

    Billy Crystal

    Billy was once a substitute teacher on Long Island. As he puts it, "I could always improvise. Some of my teachers remember me standing in front of the class with a flower on my head, talking about photosynthesis. I'd stop and say, 'Is this working for any of you?' The kids were like, 'What is he doing?'".

  4. 4 Which X-men star taught before becoming a superhero?

    1. Hugh Jackman
    2. Ian McKellan
    3. Patrick Stewart
    4. James Marsden

    Hugh Jackman

    Jackman taught elementary school as a physical education teacher during a gap year. 

  5. 5 Which singer-song writer taught before she sold out concerts?

    1. Jewel
    2. Sheryl Crow
    3. Adele
    4. Alanis Morissette

    Sheryl Crow

    The Grammy-winning artist majored in music education in college and taught elementary school in St. Louis before for moving to L.A. 

  6. 6 Which politician taught Criminal Law at a university?

    1. Hillary Clinton
    2. Barack Obama
    3. Bernie Sanders
    4. Sarah Palin

    Hillary Clinton

    Hillary taught criminal law at the university level before going on to be First Lady and ultimately, presidential nominee. 

  7. 7 Which soul singer taught English before hitting it big?

    1. Whitney Houston
    2. Roberta Flack
    3. Diana Ross
    4. Aretha Franklin

    Roberta Flack

    Roberta Flack student taught at a school near Chevy Chase, Maryland. She graduated from Howard University at 19 and began graduate studies in music, but a family tragedy forced her to take a job teaching music and English in rural North Carolina.

  8. 8 Which magician taught Greek and Latin studies?

    1. Penn
    2. Teller
    3. David Blaine
    4. David Copperfield


    In 1969, Teller graduated from Amherst College with a Bachelor of Arts in Classics and became a high-school Latin teacher in New Jersey. 

  9. 9 Which rock star taught English before taking the stage?

    1. Sting
    2. Mick Jagger
    3. Steven Tyler
    4. Paul McCartney


    Sting, frontman for the Police, taught English, music, and soccer at St. Catherine's Convent School. He later said of working at a convent, "I was the only man on the faculty. In fact, I was the only teacher not in a habit."

  10. 10 Which now-famous author taught English before publishing their hugely successful books?

    1. J.K. Rowling
    2. Stephen King
    3. James Patterson
    4. Sue Monk Kidd

    J.K. Rowling

    Her now-famous story of going from being a single-mom on welfare to wildly successful author often leaves out her stint as a teacher Portugal.

Can You Guess Which Celebrities Were Once Teachers Before the Fame?

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