What You Should Do For New Year’s Eve, Based On Your Teaching Style

New Year's Eve Plans Quiz

It’s that time of the year again for those New Year’s Eve festivities. You’re asking yourself the same questions you did last year: What do I do? Do I stay home? Do I go out? It’s not that big of a deal. Wait, yes it is, but I don’t know what to do! Well, we’ve got you covered. Answer the questions below about your teaching style and classroom, and we’ll fit you with the perfect night out. Cheers!

  1. 1 Which of the following best describes your teacher supplies?

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    1. Matching everything, from the stapler to the tape dispenser, all the brightest colors I can find.
    2. I have everything I need, not exactly in the right place, but it’s there.
  2. 2 Which of the following best describes your teaching style?

    1. The Dictator: I spend most of my time talking in front of the class and beating facts into their heads.
    2. The Innovator: I like to try new things, but I’ve got a solid repertoire of lessons I can whip out at any moment.
    3. The Floater: Floating is a good word for hopefully everything goes right. "I Googled this worksheet on the commute to school today."
  3. 3 Which of the following best describes your classroom management?

    1. I am strict: There isn’t a light-up shoe out of line when we walk down the hallway.
    2. I am fair: There is a lot of student ownership. They know what I want, but I must remind them every now and then.
    3. I herd cats: I just hope they all made it to Art class okay, today. I stopped counting at 10.
  4. 4 Which of the following best describes your lesson delivery?

    1. We use a lot of technology in my classroom. I’m a Canvas superstar.
    2. I’ve killed a few trees with the number of worksheets and projects I hand out.
    3. You can find my hands-on activities on TpT. My classroom is a dream.
  5. 5 Which of the following best describes your lunch period?

    1. I meal prep. everything has its own Tupperware container.
    2. I eat my leftover pizza or a chicken sandwich with whatever they call these smiley fries, as fast as I can.
    3. Lunch?!? Who has time for that!
  6. 6 Which of the following best describes your teacher desk?

    1. It’s presentable. You can tell I tidy at the end of each day.
    2. It’s a work station. Not as messy as little Johnny’s handwriting, but close.
    3. A bomb went off and it will look like this until May.
  7. 7 Which of the following drinks do you regularly have at your desk?

    1. Coffee. I can’t find a bottomless cup.
    2. Water. My fun Nalgene has fitness stickers all over it.
    3. Big Gulp. Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke, you name it. And I have a 2 liter in my desk to fill at 10am.
  8. 8 Which of the following best describes your school shoes?

    1. You best believe they match my outfit and you will admire them as I walk by.
    2. I choose comfy over chic. I move around way too much to worry about style.
    3. I had to look down to even remember because that’s the least of my worries!
  9. 9 Which of the following best describes the music you listen to in class?

    1. Classical. They need the brain music and the calming effect.
    2. I listen to just about anything that fits the theme of the day.
    3. None. They couldn’t hear it anyway over me shouting, “I need you to be QUIET!”
  10. 10 Which of the following best describes your skills with technology?

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    1. I’m the tech wiz, but I don’t get paid for it. I can figure out just about anything.
    2. I love laminator.
    3. I find myself with my eyes shut, fingers crossed, saying, “Please work, please work, please work.” About 10 times a day.

What You Should Do For New Year's Eve, Based On Your Teaching Style

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  1. Quiz result

    The Low Key Celebration

    Trying a new wine, maybe even something new for dinner is about your speed. You will make it a few minutes past midnight, but all you need are the loved ones around you to make it special.

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  2. Quiz result

    The Classy Evening Out

    Go ahead and make those reservations at that restaurant whose name you can't even pronounce. Put on the one outfit you own that doesn't have any mystery stains on it from school. Sip some high-end champagne and ring in the New Year like a real person should!

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  3. Quiz result

    Let's Get Wild

    You might make it front row at Times Square, or you might have your own ball drop planned, if you make it until midnight. Let the drinks flow and end this year with a bang! Grab your friends and let's party like Junior year and finals were over!

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