The Funniest “Would You Rather” Game For Teachers

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  1. Would you rather...

    1. brad-pitt-gif
      Have staff meetings every day.
    2. joey-no-way-gif.gif
      Only get one school break per year.
    104825 votes
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  2. Would you rather...

    1. scared-gifd.gif
      Have a class of 15 students with all the worst-behaved kids in school.
    2. students-southpark.gif
      Have a class of +50 students.
    106198 votes
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  3. Would you rather...

    1. leslie-knope-pee-dance-gif.gif
      Have someone always available to take over your class, so you can go to the bathroom whenever you want.
    2. paperwork-gif.gif
      Have someone available to do your grading and paperwork for you.
    106635 votes
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  4. Would you rather...

    1. Get more time off in December/January for winter break, and less time in summer.
    2. summer-break-gif.gif
      Skip winter break and spring break, and have a longer summer break.
    105334 votes
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  5. Would you rather...

    1. meal.gif
      Get a 2-hour lunch break, every day.
    2. free-grading-day.gif
      Get 1 "free grading" day, every week.
    104790 votes
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  6. Would you rather...

    1. grossed-out-gif.gif
      Have to clean up vomit and snot off kindergarteners all day.
    2. gag-gif.gif
      Be locked in a room all day with farting high school students, wearing yesterday's smelly gym clothes, drenched in Axe deodorant spray.
    102248 votes
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