• #5367

    One of the Kindergarteners in my class has an affinity for rhyming. Today during math he was rhyming words with classmates names. Normally I wouldn’t...

  • #5265

    First year teaching, so you know the drill, 5th grade is killing me one day at a time. Today, one of my hardest kids was...

  • #5261

    3/4 of my kids on a field trip today. This is the best day I’ve had in my classroom this year. I wish everyday were...

  • #5257

    This morning, 1st period, a kid kept calling me trying to get my attention and I kept saying no unless he raised his hand and...

  • #5244

    I gave back school pictures and one of my students gets his and immediately shouts “I LOOK AMAZINGGGG!!!!” Haha I about died! 😂

  • #5247

    Confirmation of colleague not liking what I do: I was with a student of mine in my office during lunch playing music on my laptop...

  • #5241

    What makes me feel a little better about going to work in the morning is knowing that I have a beautiful resignation letter that will...

  • #5216

    My principal told me to write a rationale explaining why my gradebook was updated daily. I laughed as I thought it was a joke. District...

  • #5194

    Ugh. Halloween is the equivalent of the full moon and I teach adults. The next day: One has a meltdown over me telling him we...

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