• #9510

    When handed an assignment the child responded, “I ain’t dealing with your shit today.” I did not verbalize my response in my head.

  • #9491

    Welcome to teaching, where you can be 3000% done with other people’s BS before 8 AM.

  • #9484

    Today is Monday, and I sent a kid to the office for his behavior a mere 13 minutes into the school day. I think I...

  • #9474

    In a heated moment of Vocal Jazz dress rehearsal with my advanced HS women’s choir the other day I said: “I will kick you out...

  • #9454

    Student- “You know, I thought you were really weird in the beginning. Now you are my favorite teacher.” Perfect ending to my Friday ☺️

  • #9463

    I got an student to repeat the word “echolalia” nonstop for 45 minutes. The girl herself thought it was the funniest joke in the world....

  • #9447

    I’ve been teaching for 20 years. I yearn for the days that every kid did not have a cell phone.

  • #9438

    I lol at one of my 1st graders years ago. The students were engaged in a writing activity. I was conferencing 1 on 1 with...

  • #9420

    During 100’s day, I morphed my students faces to make them look wrinkly and old. While we were composing our “when I am 100” writing,...

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