• #7219

    My kids have Art for special and it is sometimes held in my room (yay! more glitter!). That day my 5th graders were working on...

  • #7222

    One of my really poor behaved boys rushed through his math paper. When he gave it to me I told him they were all wrong...

  • #7214

    Every week our students go to a 40 min class to learn Chinese. So a group of teachers waited for the class to retrieve our...

  • #7210

    I was once teaching about the War of 1812 and the British frigates that were used in naval encounters. One student raised her hand to...

  • #7194

    Super random but had to share– one of my kids knows I listen to kpop and gave me BTS posters for Christmas! And yes they’re...

  • #7202

    I had a student ask if we could “all carry around lighters and light farts on fire to reduce methane emissions into the atmosphere to...

  • #7196

    I’m a sped teacher so I can say this: why do the majority of sped chairs suck? No, seriously, why?

  • #7199

    My union rep won’t get back to me. I am desperately trying to reach her. I want to resign on April 15th, before offers for...

  • #7204

    One of my students informed me I had “a coffee addiction” and she was going to “plan an intervention” for me. I laughed. I also...

  • #7205

    Email from a student in my 10th grade history class who generally enjoys being a contrarian: “Hello, I’m sending this email in question of what...

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