• #10913

    When watching a video on the Warof 1812, I once told a child to stop picking your toes, put your shoes back on, and watch...

  • #10534

    I’m currently having to administer the extended content standards tests to my special education students. I love when it is asking my student who cannot...

  • #10523

    My students noticed an ant in the classroom. Three of them could not shift their attention back to the lesson. One of them hits the...

  • #10498

    We have two assistant principals with opposing ideas of classroom management. They take turns doing the observation walkthroughs. So this is the review remarks I...

  • #10489

    Once i have to take test of students. One of my student stand up and asked me that she is feeling nausea so she can’t...

  • #10488

    I teach 3rd grade. We were walking in line when I tell one of my learners that he needs to be still in line (...

  • #10487

    I have a meeting this morning that gets me out of part of my first period. I hate my first period. I’ve never wanted a...

  • #10456

    I “let one” by a group of my louder, more strong-willed 6th grade boys, and the walked away casually. They blamed each other for the...

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