• #10909

    I have a special education class of 5 mostly nonverbal students. Yesterday we were learning about monkeys. We listened to the sounds that monkeys make....

  • #10905

    I was a Long Term Sub for a High School in Houston and it was one of the best experiences of my life and now...

  • #10904

    After teaching special needs students for 23 years, dealing with unsupportive administration that is only concerned about getting the teacher evaluations done, having to state...

  • #10853

    I just got done with my third year of teaching. I am so thankful that I am transitioning back to a traditional mainstream school in...

  • #10661

    I just finished my first year as a teacher. My team lead has been in the same room for 14 years teaching Kinder. She has...

  • #10568

    I am a middle school teacher in NYC. Although Iove teaching, I make it clear to my students, parents and colleagues that I am not...

  • #10563

    I teach in a ghetto that is invisible on the surface, but very real. I’m so tired of being verbally attacked and yelled at by...

  • #10556

    I work in a poor district where I’m treated like I have no value even though I go above and beyond for my kids. I...

  • #10553

    Just woke up from a dream that I had a big group hug with every student I’ve ever had. It was really sweet. I’m glad...

  • #10549

    There is a kid in my class who nearly always gets the blame when something happens. Sometimes it is him, but I know that just...

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