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    After 32 years in the classroom this is my first September retired. Cannot express the relief finally having a life again that isn’t dominated by...

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    I’m a resource teacher that sees kids for about 45 minutes per day, per subject. Typically the most I have a student in my room...

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    I’m so poor I can’t afford going out on the weekends with my friends. ? Questioning my career choice every day…

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    As a teacher I don’t mind getting homework together for my students. I plan way ahead so I can pull basic work easily. I did...

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    I just had a parent attack me today because their kid stormed out of my room saying the class and what they were working on...

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    I give my papers and computer a ride every night and weekend. And you know what? I am not feeling guilty or anxious anymore about...

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    As teachers, we care about your children. Every child I ever teach I treat as my own. I have 30 new babies every year. And...

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    The classroom is not what it was 20 years ago. Different instruction, different generation of kids, different behavior. Non-teachers keep thinking of what it was...

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