• #9524

    I find it really interesting how one teacher can be out during a certain time for a program and not receive any backlash, but if...

  • #9512

    Around 4 years or so ago on the first day of school in my 8th grade science class. I introduce myself and start talking about...

  • #9505

    I wrote up a kid this morning for his behavior. He responded by saying “no wonder no one likes you.” I know I have kids...

  • #9496

    I am a teacher student from Germany and work as a substitute teacher in a privat school while studying. It’s hard because you never have...

  • #9493

    On Spring Break this week. Just saw that one of my students shot and killed himself. I feel like I should’ve done more while he...

  • #9489

    With all my crazy, mean middle schoolers….there is a huge light. I have this autistic students, incredibly smart but is OBSESSED with being perfect (getting...

  • #9478

    I’m a first year middle school teacher. Never thought I’d be with the big kids but here we are. I gave my students in class...

  • #9475

    All week I had been ringing parents to let them know how well their child was doing in my class and how much I enjoy...

  • #9473

    Yesterday a mother signed into the office, then came to my classroom. I wasn’t expecting her. She entered and very aggressively screams at me and...

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