• #39

    I’m so poor I can’t afford going out on the weekends with my friends. ? Questioning my career choice every day…

  • #3954

    First year teacher, just was told I may be on probation for having a classroom that is not conducive to learning. Feeling like a failure....

  • #4003

    Kid told me to fuck off today. 5th grader. 1st year teacher.. really questioning why I decided to be a teacher at this point.

  • #4058

    I teach in a federal level IV EBD program. Today as I was bending over to unlock a door an angry student slammed it open...

  • #4119

    Our school is overcrowded and unless you want to stand and eat exposed to the elements, there is no where for students to go to...

  • #4177

    Can we please for once blame the low standardized test scores on the ridiculously high expectations were setting for the students? We are busting our...

  • #4372

    The elementary school is out of control. The Asst. Principal doesn’t like the work “consequences” so there are none. The principal is never there because...

  • #4533

    Was told to let students fix mistakes on test before putting a final grade in the grade book.

  • #4798

    This job makes me hate the sound of my own name, the sound of the phone ringing, the sound my computer makes when emails come...

  • #5146

    After 1 year of certification courses totaling $4000 and $100 spent on books to study for the exams I don’t think I want to be...

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