• #3766

    I’m so sick of people telling me I that should change professions if I’m feeling overwhelmed. I love teaching and I love my students. But...

  • #3975

    I’m a first year teacher. I’m going into school scared out of my mind. I finally got to move out with the love of my...

  • #4033

    I’m in my fourth year of teaching, and I can’t believe how much the climate of the classroom has changed since I begun. Students are...

  • #4087

    Our administration decided to do an appreciation activity whereby all the teachers could leave little thank you notes in each others mailboxes. I didn’t get...

  • #4145

    In my country we have an evaluation system for telling teachers if they are good enough. This evaluation has 8 different parts (recorded lesson, writing...

  • #4240

    I have been teaching for over 30 years. Within that time, I have seen the crumbling of the educational system. Children don’t play anymore. We...

  • #4443

    My classes are so loud. I can’t go one day without having to stop teaching multiple times to settle them down. My classroom is a...

  • #4692

    I think it’s really sad when a fellow teacher in your building admits to you he feels he doesn’t get support from the SPED department...

  • #4858

    Today a kindergarten student with behavior issues asked me why people don’t put their address on the internet and I told him because people might...

  • #5219

    I have less and less patience for kids with behavioral problems even when I know their background. I just want to tell them to stop...

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