• #10470

    We just had a lockdown drill that I didn’t know about. I was scared because I thought it was real until I heard admins walking...

  • #9524

    I find it really interesting how one teacher can be out during a certain time for a program and not receive any backlash, but if...

  • #32

    I just had a parent attack me today because their kid stormed out of my room saying the class and what they were working on...

  • #4016

    I am starting my 25th year of teaching high school Language Arts. Not to sound conceited, but I am respected, effective, and loved by most...

  • #5292

    I’m not sure what to do. I’ve only been teaching for four years now, but I want to leave the profession. I’m actually thinking of...

  • #4509

    I am a first year teacher and have a 45 minute commute. I worked 16 hours one day and was at the school until 11....

  • #4034

    Yesterday, I had a student stab another student with a pencil HARD for no reason. This is a first for me in decades of teaching....

  • #4049

    I am constantly considering leaving the profession but I have no idea what I would do instead. I feel very trapped.

  • #5318

    Had a student come to me today to talk about an issue he had with one of his teachers and how this teacher was lying...

  • #17

    As teachers, we care about your children. Every child I ever teach I treat as my own. I have 30 new babies every year. And...

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