• #4077

    I’m tired of it always being a competition of which teacher can be the most “on.” You can be honest with other teachers. It’s ok.

  • #4950

    Suicidal student. Meeting with parents in denial. Where the hell is admin?!?!

  • #4026

    My district approved the PO for stuff last year. It came before the school year ended. The district never paid the company. Now I have...

  • #4152

    I am a kindergarten teacher and the thing that bothers me most is the mandatory contact with parents. I don’t mean weekly or monthly. I mean...

  • #3940

    High school boy was wearing a wife beater and I asked him to put on a shirt and he told me the AP said it...

  • #4564

    I once had a student who had been moved from one family member to another due to various deaths and health risks. This boy was...

  • #9290

    I think this school has made me so disillusioned with the profession. This is my fourth year. I am resigning this year, and I’m actually...

  • #3961

    I’m so sick and tired of my planning time being taken by meetings and other “mandatory” things, and by the expectation that I use my...

  • #7217

    Is it OK to be afraid of your students? because I am. Every time I think about them I am very anxious. I always tell...

  • #4076

    There is a terrible bullying problem at my school. And it’s not the students. There is such a toxicity amongst the staff. It’s a small...

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