• #6893

    I have a student with ODD who at the beginning of the year, hated writing, was 2 years behind, and would have a meltdown whenever...

  • #9493

    On Spring Break this week. Just saw that one of my students shot and killed himself. I feel like I should’ve done more while he...

  • #9473

    Yesterday a mother signed into the office, then came to my classroom. I wasn’t expecting her. She entered and very aggressively screams at me and...

  • #6909

    I am a Special Ed student and I volunteered at an after school program for children who have disabilities. A child who has nonverbal autism...

  • #4392

    Working with 3&4 year olds, it’s my 2nd year. On,y 2 months in, but some days are tough. But today, they made me feel so...

  • #4229

    I’m basically doing the job of two teachers and picking up someone else’s slack. It’s overwhelming as is but on top of it this years...

  • #4425

    I caught a viral nasty last week and it came to it’s full fruition Sunday night. I’ve been out Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I saw...

  • #5094

    I have one student in my class that makes my classroom management seem ineffective. He is a SPED student however, all inteventions that were put...

  • #5212

    I am a 3rd year 25 year old teacher. I am so burnt out. My first two years of teaching affected me so negatively due...

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