• #9327

    I’m trying to leave the education field, but I wanted to share the most important thing I’ve done in the few years I worked as...

  • #9326

    Yesterday a student wanted to fight me, her teacher, because I wouldn’t give her phone back to her as part of school policy. In my...

  • #9297

    Today, I think I crossed the threshold of pursing other career options outside of education. I have no idea what I will do, but something...

  • #9298

    A sub left a note about yesterday’s class saying “I hope you don’t endure this punishment and pain on a daily routine with no help...

  • #9299

    I have been scratched by one of my students two days in a row and he’s drawn blood twice. I teach high school special education...

  • #9290

    I think this school has made me so disillusioned with the profession. This is my fourth year. I am resigning this year, and I’m actually...

  • #9278

    The new principal at our school( who was once a teacher in our school) is always looking for those gotcha moments. She harrassed me with...

  • #9243

    Rang a parent to tell them I had organised a detention for their child as they did no work, were rude, arrived late to class...

  • #9236

    My principal’s wife works at the same school, and takes control of who gets hired, based on who she likes (it’s a public school, government/taxpayer...

  • #9235

    My principal won’t enforce any sort of late policies (he’s rarely at school, apparently due to his own health issues). We have students who have...

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