• #12784

    After 12 years of teaching, I’ve come home the last few nights with something repeating. I’m miserable and I hate this job.

  • #12779

    Back to work today, and I forgot how cold my classroom is. Time to bust out the long sleeves again!

  • #12777

    As a teacher with anxiety, keeping up with the news makes me terrified that I’ll be shot to death at work one day.

  • #12718

    I recently moved to another country for an adventure I was really excited about, which meant I had to leave my form group behind. They...

  • #12541

    I had a student with behavior issues who was usually out once a week due to asthma. This boy really thought he was dumb and...

  • #12540

    Had a very difficult year dealing with a new principal who doesn’t quite understand what comes with a very low income neighborhood. I sincerely thought...

  • #12415

    I was an assistant teacher for a kindergarten classroom. I was sick for a few days, the stomach flu, just got back. I was sitting...

  • #11008

    I have a very rich Arab kid in my classroom that only about getting married as soon as possible in her life. She’s got a...

  • #10967

    I love working with kids, I love impacting their lives, and I love being a leader in a school environment, but honestly, things just seem...

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