You've got this

You've got thisYou've got this
  • #10028

    Literally told a student today he was going to be the death of me. He said he would attend my funeral🤨 how kind! 🙄

  • #10013

    I am dealing with HR AGAIN this year because of a parent complaint. This instantly looks bad for me as an educator. However, I have...

  • #10005

    I am so mentally and physically exhausted and burned out right now. One more day until April vacation, and then the dreaded state testing! I’d...

  • #10006

    Nothing in SPED makes sense. SPED kids can interact with GenEd kids but GenEd kids can’t interact with SPED locations and kids??????????? WHAT THE HECK...

  • #10003

    A few years ago I go to the hair dresser for a cut. A few minutes into the cut I see the hairdressers expression change....

  • #10004

    I work with special ed kids. One of my kids struggles with transitions and she can get a bit physical. So when I get her...

  • #9998

    I had a mother yell at me and question my ability to teach when she took her son to the eye doctor, and he couldn’t...

  • #9997

    After 30 years in education……. I am just dumbfounded by the disrespect of many of our youth. When a certain group of teachers dont have...

  • #9986

    I work at a 4 day a week rural school, and I have had it up to my eyeballs with excused student absences. I had...

  • #9980

    I am a sub teacher. A few weeks ago, a parent complained about me and asked for me to be fired for yelling at her...

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