You've got this

You've got thisYou've got this
  • #7227

    I’m a paraprofessional in an elementary school, and one of my students has a reading delay. She is in the fourth grade and will go...

  • #7226

    I love teaching, but this is only my second year and I’m not sure how long I can do this. The trauma my kids face...

  • #7215

    I love teaching. I love my subject, my kids, and my school. But it’s getting so hard staying on top of the paperwork, grading, and...

  • #7217

    Is it OK to be afraid of your students? because I am. Every time I think about them I am very anxious. I always tell...

  • #7218

    The school district I work for is so ridiculously soft. I get wanting kids to succeed, but I am pressured to make sure every student...

  • #7213

    I teach second grade. One of my students’ parents teach at the high school. This particular student is having a rough year. He runs out...

  • #7212

    I’m a former high school teacher & counselor who decided to go back into the classroom (at a middle school). I know too well the...

  • #7210

    I was once teaching about the War of 1812 and the British frigates that were used in naval encounters. One student raised her hand to...

  • #7196

    I’m a sped teacher so I can say this: why do the majority of sped chairs suck? No, seriously, why?

  • #7199

    My union rep won’t get back to me. I am desperately trying to reach her. I want to resign on April 15th, before offers for...

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