You've got this

You've got thisYou've got this
  • #5358

    Our school was evaluated today. For the past year and a half, all teachers have been working like mad men to change the school for...

  • #5350

    I have changed schools to reduce my stress and it worked. If you are miserable…change schools, districts, positions, grade levels. The grass is greener. Do...

  • #5348

    I had a 10 yr old student last year who knew how to “play” me, and got many, if not all, the boys in my...

  • #5333

    So it’s the day before break, and all though the school. All the students are crazy, and the teachers are too. The 8th graders come...

  • #5334

    Our school has appointed a new academic counselor, and she is changing every little thing in the school, which has increased the workload of us...

  • #5339

    I have a child who does not talk in my preschool class. My supervisor warned me over the summer before he started that he has...

  • #5324

    Work has caused me to cry every day this week and have nightmares every night. I want out, but it’s only November.

  • #5325

    My theatre students just won a competition, beating not only 9 other middle schools in our district, but also scored higher than the fine arts...

  • #5308

    I swear, parents are getting worse and worse! Right now I am dealing with a parent who seriously hates me. She says I don’t care...

  • #5275

    I have a child with a sensory disorder that is driving me absolutely crazy! He has broke countless toys, ripped ten books,bumps into air itself,falls...

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