10 Amazing Tools to Get Students Laughing While Learning

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Get Students laughing

"A day without laughter is a day wasted" Charlie Chaplin_Get students laughing


Integrating humor into your lessons is a great way to reduce the anxiety that a lot of kids feel at school. Laughter is not only healthy, but it helps students remember concepts they might otherwise not commit to memory. Think about it… We always remember memories when something made us laugh! Laughter also bonds students together, by creating an open classroom atmosphere. So, we thought we’d put together a list of some ideas for getting students to laugh and learn at the same time.


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Try a few of these ideas and let us know which ones generate the most smiles and giggles in your classroom!


1. Tongue Twisters (PreK-Grade 1)


Tongue twisters always get a good laugh and are great pronunciation practice. Display these ocean-themed tongue twisters and read them aloud. Then have students recite them together!


"Six silly seahorses sipping soda" "Lazy lobsters laid on the land"


Download and print the FULL version HERE!


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2. Daily Vocabulary Cartoons (Grades 2-3)


Every kid loves cartoons, which makes them a great way to introduce new vocabulary. Find a lot more daily vocab cartoons like these at Scholastic Printables!


Vocabulary cartoon of the day "I always get an alert when I'm supposed to come home. Sometimes its a text message, sometimes it's my mom."


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3. Silly Sentences (Grade 1)


Your students will love filling in the blanks to make their own silly sentences. You can make this an individual activity and have students read aloud what they come up with at the end. Or write them on the board and fill them in together as a class. Either way, you’re sure to hear some super silly responses that the kids will get a kick out of!


Scholastic Printables Silly Sentences


Download and print it HERE!


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4. Silly Rhymes (Kindergarten-Grade 2)


Introduce students to rhyming word concepts with this fun skills sheet.


Scholastic Printables Silly Rhymes "Word bank_tray_jail_dream_snow_straw_shout"


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Laughter is more than just a pleasurable activity…When people laugh together, they tend to talk and touch more and to make eye contact more frequently.” -Gretchen Rubin




5. More Tongue Twisters! (PreK-Grade 1)


Another great idea is to break the students into groups and have them come up with their own tongue twisters, using the ones below as examples. It’s great phonics practice and you can be sure they’ll be reciting them until Summer Break!


Scholastic Printables tongue twisters "Little ladybugs licking lollipops." "Big beetles bouncing on the bed." "Weeping wasps wiggled in the wagon."


Download and print the FULL version HERE


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6. Silly City (PreK-Kindergarten)


The young ones will crack up over this silly scene! Either circle in the pretend things, or better yet, color them in!


Scholastic Printables Silly City "Circle 5 pretend things in the picture."


Download and print it HERE!


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7. Solve the Riddle (Grade 1)


Kids love when there’s something they have to solve. In this exercise, partner them up and have them race by seeing who can solve the riddles first by reading the clues and writing the letters in the blanks, first!


Scholastic Printables Riddle fun "What letter is in LOG, but not in DOG?"


Download and print it HERE!


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8. The Dog Who Eats Homework (Grades 3-5)


We’ve all heard the classic student story: “My dog ate my homework”! Help Molly the Mutt choose the verbs to fess up to eating students’ homework.


Scholastic Printables "The case of the Dog who eats homework."


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9. Silly Stories (Grades 1-3)


The perfect mini-book writing prompt to let kids be silly and use their imaginations.


"On Tuesday, I had to babysit a gorilla. What a day!"Scholastic Printables Silly Stories 2


Download and print the FULL version HERE!


This mini-book is 100% FREE! (No sign-up needed)



10. Fred’s Funny Foods (Grades 2-3)


Mud sandwiches and muddy water are on the menu at Fred’s Snack Bar today! Use Fred’s menu to complete a series of skills sheets available through the link below!


Scholastic Printables Fred's Foods" Data sheet


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— Amanda N., Teacher Grades 1-2

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