10 Reasons Teachers Need to Download the Free Kami Google Chrome Extension

10 Reasons Teachers Need to Download Kami for Their Online Classes

As we prepare for the upcoming school year, teachers are finding new ways to engage students virtually. There are tons of google chrome extensions out there that make the lives of teachers easier and the learning of students more enriched. One google chrome extension, Kami, is essentially a digital pen and paper. You and your students will be able to edit documents as needed through the extension. It provides opportunities for teachers and students to collaborate, get creative, and grow together. Not convinced yet? Here are 10 reasons why you need to download Kami for free!

1. Any edits made to PDFs through Kami will autosave to your Google Drive

10 Reasons Teachers Need to Download Kami for Their Online Classes

You can also pull up documents from Google Drive directly to Kami and they will automatically become PDFs. Google Drive and Kami are good friends and work well together! If you’re willing to upgrade to the $99/year plan, it will also integrate with Google Classroom in order to assign PDFs swiftly.

2. Highlight, underline, and/or strike through text on a PDF

Highlight, underline, and/or strike through text on a PDF

Find a text ahead of time, then upload a PDF of it to Kami. Either send it out to students to annotate themselves or present the text through your own screen during a virtual meet. You or the students can easily highlight important parts, underline key ideas, and strike through incorrect answers.

10 Reasons Teachers Need to Download Kami for Their Online Classes

3. Add text boxes and comments

Looking to give feedback on PDF assignments? Students can send over or share their edited and completed assignment with you through Google Drive. You can then add text feedback through Kami. In the upgraded Kami plan, you can also provide audio feedback.

4. Insert shapes

10 Reasons Teachers Need to Download Kami for Their Online Classes

Get creative while annotating PDFs by using shape outlines. You can also insert shapes to blank PDFs to make venn diagrams, KWLs, or just to practice shape recognition!

10 Reasons Teachers Need to Download Kami for Their Online Classes

5. Freehand draw

Looking for another Morning Meeting activity? Play freehand drawing games, like pictionary, using a blank PDF on Kami.

6. Students can also download it for free on their devices

Students can easily access e-books, worksheets, and PDF assignments to edit through the Kami app. We’ll do anything to help our students successfully complete virtual assignments!

7. They provide free virtual conferences for educators

Visit their website to learn about the latest conferences being held! Teachers usually present on how to prepare flexible learning solutions for a variety of classroom situations.

8. Teachers impacted by COVID-19 can get 60 free days of the Premium Package!

Request free access to the premium package here, which comes with many added on tools to assist in communication and engagement with students.

9. You can become a Kami Hero

For those of you who end up LOVING this extension, you can consider joining the Kami team even beyond the classroom. In a year-long program, members will be supported through professional developments, workshops, and EdTech events.

10. Add “Kami Certified Educator” to your resume

There are five simple, yet informative steps that need to be taken in order to become a Certified Kami Educator. You’ll need to apply for the program, take a 3-hour course, join their community on social media, discuss how it has transformed your digital community, and then verify that you’ve done all of the previous! Learn more here.

The Basic Plan is free and includes all of these awesome tools that will transform how you teach online or in the classroom.

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