12 Fun & Easy April Fools’ Pranks To Play On Your Students

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Are you ready for April Fools’ Day? Here are a few last-minute prank ideas to play on your students!

1. Grapes wrapped in chocolate eggs

Colorful chocolate eggs

Although time-consuming, as soon as they unravel the surprise inside, the look on your students’ faces will be priceless!

2. Smartphone smash

Smashed Phone

Find an old phone, and have one of your students help you set up the scene. Give him/her the old phone you don’t use anymore and instruct him/her to pretend-text while you’re teaching. Yell at him/her to stop texting 3 times in a row. After the 3rd warning, take the phone off his/her hands and completely smash it on the floor, stomp on it, go crazy! Enjoy. You’re welcome.

3. Amazing Field Trip is CANCELLED
Permission Slip

Out of the blue, announce that the “field trip to the movie theatre” (make believe) has been canceled since so many students didn’t bring back their “permission slips”. Guaranteed to confuse and disappoint!

4. Celebrities coming to school!
Computer desktop with "Secret celebs coming to school" folder

“Accidentally” open a secret file titled: “Project 2019 – Celebrities Coming to Class” on your computer (instead of opening the lesson on the projector), with photos of all celebrities that are supposed to come at the end of the year for this awesome secret project.

5. One angry teacher

Teacher looking over their glasses

Send all kids who open their mouth to the principal’s office as soon as they walk in the classroom, whether they’re talking, yawning, or being polite saying good morning. Continue sending whoever tries to explain themselves, until it’s completely silent. Forewarn your principal and watch your class getting terrified as it becomes smaller and smaller.

"Test" on blackboard

6. Pop quiz

Prepare a 30 to 50-question pop quiz, and remind your students to read all questions before getting started. Have the last question be, “April Fool’s, just kidding, don’t answer any of these questions!” Watch a large percentage of your class go through the entire test before realizing you’re playing a joke on them.

7. Rearrange the desks

Classroom with desks and chairs

Rearrange all the desks to face the back of the classroom, before class starts.


8. Baby Carrots in Tootsie wrappers & Broccoli in lollipop wrappers

Tootsie rolls photo
Lollipop Chupa chups photo

Wrap baby carrots in Tootsie roll wrappers or broccoli in lollipop wrappers. It will take you a little bit of time, but it’s totally worth it to see the look on your kids’ faces!

9. Switch chairs
beautiful & colorful kindergarten classroom

Switch all the chairs in your classroom to kindergarten size chairs. Watch your students get confused, while you act like nothing is different.

10. Gross & silly cafeteria menu

Chinese menu with funny translation "Delicious roasted husband"
via: thetraveltart.com

Print out a very gross/silly cafeteria menu for the following week, and watch students die laughing as they read through. Adjust according to your students’ ages.

11. Mute Teacher
Cartoon teacher in front of blackboard "Welcome class"

Start the class by opening your mouth as if you’re speaking and they can’t hear you. Students won’t understand what’s going on, and should get a good laugh!

12. The “Brown E” classic

April Fools' Day Brown Es (letter Es in oven plate)
via: enramp.com

Let your students know a few days in advance that you’re going to bake them your famous Brownies, by the end of the week. Get your craft on, by cutting multiple letters ‘E’ out of brown construction paper, put them in a cooking pan, and cover with foil. Then tell your class they’ll be able to eat them at the end of the class if everyone behaves well.

You can bring real brownies as a backup, especially if your students have been extraordinarily well-behaved the past couple days. It all depends on how mischievous you’re feeling that day.

Do you have any hilarious stories/ideas for April Fools’ Day? Let us know in the comments!

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