25 Awesome Podcasts for Teachers

25 Awesome Podcasts for Teachers

Podcasts are short, episodic audio shows you can subscribe to and download onto a digital device for easy listening on the go. Most podcasts shows are hosted by one or several people who produce episodes around a specific topic. There are podcasts for everything from current events to gardening to health and wellness and everything in between. 

It should be no surprise, then, that there is a whole world of podcasts for teachers of all grade levels and subject areas. If you want to dive in and explore the world of education podcasts, here are 25 high-quality podcasts to start with. 

Podcasts can be downloaded onto a device using any number of third-party apps. Simply go into the app store, search for “podcasts app” and explore apps like Apple Podcasts, The Podcast App, Google Podcasts, and Overcast. 


1. Teaching Matters

Teaching Matters is hosted by Athens, Ohio radio station WOUB Public Media. It is hosted by Scott Titsworth, the team of Scripps College of Teaching at Ohio University. Teaching Matters explores the unique needs of students. Recent guests have included Dr. John Ewing, President of Math for America, and Victoria Glasier, Director of the Statistics in Schools Program with the U. S. Census Bureau, who talked about the Statistics in Schools Program which helps teachers integrate census data into their lessons.

2. HMH Learning Moments: Teachers in America

HMH is publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Teachers in America features “the incredible stories of real teachers,” according to the podcast’s website. Noelle Morris hosts. Guests are teachers who are actually in the classroom, and they come into the podcast to share with listeners their stories of triumphs and their challenges. A recent guest was LaQuisha Hall, Baltimore’s Teacher of the Year.

3. Cult of Pedagogy

Host Jennifer Gonzalez writes on her website that she aims to create “a vibrant, encouraging, stimulating community of teachers, supporting each other toward excellence.” Her podcast, Cult of Pedagogy, is a wealth of information for teachers, and nothing related to education is off-limits. She draws on her own experience as a teacher and interviews with teachers, students, administrators, and anyone connected to education to talk about teaching.

4. TED Talks Education

The TED organization hinges on the slogan “ideas worth spreading,” so naturally the TED Talks Education podcasts focuses on visionary ideas in education. Recent episodes explore the idea of mental health days for students and trauma-informed educational practices. 

5. Class Dismissed

Class Dismissed is “inspiring educators through story,” according to its slogan. Four hosts from various backgrounds explore the human side of education in a thoughtful and empathetic format. Popular episodes include “Why this educator reads a novel to his pre-algebra class” and “steps to humanize your classroom from a distance.”

6. The Spark Creativity Teacher

Spark Creativity focuses on innovative ideas for ELA education that can be delivered quickly and concisely. Spark Creativity is created and hosted by Betsy Potash, a veteran teacher, delivers actionable strategies that listeners can implement in their classroom right away. 

7. Teachonomy

Host Chuck Poole is a teacher and author of the book uNforgettable: Your Roadmap to Being the Teacher They Never Forget. His podcast episodes are organized into “Thoughts for Teachers” and “Two-Minute Timeouts for Teachers,” both of which deliver short, pithy inspiration for teachers. 

8. Those Who Can

Teachers know the old adage: “those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” Teachers also know that’s a load of garbage. The hosts of this podcast aim to help teachers reflect on their teaching practice, sometimes looking at aspects of teaching that can be particularly challenging. 

9. Crying in My Car

For a much lighter take on teaching, check out the comedy podcast Crying in My Car with Comedian Devin Siebold and Co-host Mike Lee. Recent episodes discuss Cobra Kai, mask hacks, and breaking up fights in school. 

10. Teachers Anonymous

Teachers Anonymous describes its podcast as “a podcast that shines a light on the inner workings of a school and the secret lives of teachers.” The mystery hosts stay under their “cloak of anonymity” and deliver both laughter and poignancy to listeners. 

11. Passing Notes

Host Stephanie Hinton looks to inspire and encourage educators with podcast episodes about issues facing teachers today. Her recent posts look at social-emotional learning and going back to school during a pandemic. 

12. The Teacher Recharge

Host Fred Koepp looks to bring inspiration and a little levity to listeners each week as he interviews educators, authors, coaches, and others connected to the field of teaching.  

13. Teaching Keating with Weston and Molly Kieschnick

Teaching Keating uses “iconic teaching moments from movies and television as a vehicle to reflect on instructional practice,” according to its hosts (remember Mr. Keating from Dead Poets Society?). Recent episodes have referred to pop culture figures such as the Dark Knight and Forrest Gump to talk about teaching philosophies. 

14. The Book Love Foundation podcast

Educator and author Penny Kittle believes that the perfect book for all readers exists – and students who don’t like reading just haven’t found the right book yet! She’s become a master at turning students into readers and writers, and her podcast gives educators tools to do the same. 

15. Ten Minute Teacher

In a ten minutes a day, five days a week format, listeners get small doses of professional development all week long. Each day of the week has a theme, like Motivational Mondays and Thought Leader Thursdays. 

16. Teach On, Teach Strong

Each Sunday, a new podcast is released that focuses on morale and mindset as teachers set intentions for the week ahead. 

17. Truth for Teachers

Teacher and author Angela Watson hosts Truth for Teachers, a podcast where she aims to speak truth into teachers and inspire them each Sunday, when new episodes are released.

18. Eat Sleep Work Repeat

This is a podcast not just for educators but for all working professionals. Host Bruce Daisley works to “make work better” by interviewing “psychologists, neuroscientists, and workplace experts to understand how we can improve our job.” Recent episodes look at burnout and battling workplace bureaucracy. 

19. The Dollop

While The Dollop is not an educational podcast, it’s certainly something teachers will enjoy and learn from. History buff and comedian Dave Anthony teams up with comedian Gareth Reynolds. Each week, they share an unknown story from American history. Since the hosts are comedians, listeners can count on laughing along as they learn something. 

20. K-12 Greatest Hits: The Best Ideas in Education

This podcast looks at cutting-edge research and the most important ideas in education today by interviewing top educators and advocates around the country. 

21. Chalk Full of Life

Chalk Full of Life promises to help you live your best teacher life by providing “transparent talk and tools” for teachers and giving them permission to put themselves first so they can put their best foot forward in their classrooms. 

22. Teaching While White

This is a powerful podcast, especially at this time in our country. The podcast explores how teachers can become racially literate, and how this can impact the racial identities of students. 

23. Brave New Teaching

Brave New Teaching promises to be a place where teachers can challenge the status quo. Recent episodes look at what to prioritize when teaching digitally and teaching social justice through poetry. 

24. The Mind Online

The Mind Online is hosted by Teaching Tolerance editor Monita Bell. This podcast looks at digital literacy and how we – teachers and students – can become better digital citizens. 

25. Tales of Teaching

Host Haylee Hardwick promises honest conversations and creative tools for the classroom. A recent episode looks at how teachers might approach a digital first week of school.


25 Awesome Podcasts for Teachers

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