30 Educators to Follow on Instagram For Helpful Anti-Racist Resources

30+ Anti-racist Education Accounts to Follow on Instagram

So you’ve publicly shared your support for Black Lives Matter. Maybe you’ve made a donation or marched in a rally. You’ve read and shared tons of articles about racism on Facebook. Now it’s important to continue your anti-racist education. Fortunately, social media is full of great teachers. 

Note: many of the people generously offering free anti-racist education on social media have become overwhelmed with emails, DMs, and comments asking for more. This list isn’t an open invitation to add to their load. They are offering resources, tips, and information on their Instagram pages. We all need to do the work researching, reading, and learning ourselves instead of relying on others to spoonfeed it to us. These accounts are a great starting place in conducting your own anti-racist education.

Anti-racist Education on Instagram

1. britthawthorne is an anti-bias antiracist teacher-educator and an Elementary Montessori Guide committed to equity, knowledge, and peace education. She hosts an online anti-racist book club and writes about building community in your classroom.

2. danareadsbooks is a white teacher with a big love for books and social justice. She has dedicated her page to explaining and offering resources, including book lists, white privilege, and anti-racism. 

3. desmondfambrini is an educational specialist who shares his experiences with race, sexuality, gender, and mental health, both on a personal level as well as with students. 

4. Eap.13 (Easy as Pi) is a math teacher who offers tips for helping students understand math, as well as encouragement to have an anti-racist classroom.

5. Tomikatalks has been protesting daily with her teenage son in the Philadelphia area and sharing the experience.

6. Moemotivate is the Instagram account of Monique Melton, an anti-racism educator. She is an author, speaker, has a podcast, and offers webinars to help white women understand racism.

7. Sylvester McNutt is an author and motivational speaker. He posts about relationships, healing, self-care, and the impact of racism on mental health.

8. Readlikearockstar is an elementary educator who provides great resources for teaching young learners about black history and racism, as well as a free guide for Black families to talk about racism.

9. Thedanifaust is a life coach and mental health advocate. She offers suggestions for how to help combat racism in her Instagram stories. She also talks about the racism directed at her mixed-race family.

10. Education With an Apron is a kindergarten teacher, blogger, teacher conference speaker, and educational content creator on TPT posting various helpful teaching tools to celebrate Black culture, Black history, and racism.

11. Trust the Process Co. is a resource for connecting and uplifting black students and graduates pursuing professional degrees. They’ve been posting Black Lives Matters advocacy tips, as well as mental health information.

12. Bgoconline (Black Girls on Campus) coaches Black girls in grades 9-12 on their paths to college. She offers information, tips, and resources for supporting Black students.

13. Blackeducators.matter celebrates Black teachers and shares updates on the Black Lives Matters movement.

14. Blkwmnquoted aims to inspire Black women to use their voices with motivation quotes and daily affirmation prompts. The page is also used to share these voices.

15. callmeshivy talks about life as a Black father and teacher.

16. somethingnewwithshanti is a therapist who offers tips on supporting black students and talking to kids about race, as well as mental health information.

17. teaching_on_purpose is a teacher and basketball coach dedicated to making sure everyone knows Black Students Matter.

18. drkirabanks is a psychologist and education consultant dedicated to racial justice and equality.

19. teachingwithmxt offers resources, suggestions, and book lists for middle school teachers to have an anti-racist classroom. 

20. thetututeacher is a kindergarten teacher who shares tips for talking to young children about race, as well as suggestions for anti-racism books to add to your library.

21. thejosevilson posts about racial issues – inside and outside the classroom. His book, This Is Not a Test: a New Narrative of Race, Class, and Education, discusses “black math teachers are good for more than race stuff.”

22. raising__resilience is a trauma-sensitive educator who discusses the impact of racism and racial bias on children.

23. tiffanymjewell is an anti-bias and anti-racist educator. She’s also a Montessori teacher.

24. presidentpat is a great storyteller who talks about what it’s like to be a Black male teacher, how to support Black students, and how to be an ally.

25. love.tanesha is a middle school ELA teacher and reparations advocate with anti-racist and anti-bias resources for teachers.

26. talesofpattypepper, also known as “the Disney teacher,” offers resources including a guide to 40 ways you can help right now and children’s book lists about race.

27. alyssagtyghter is a middle school teacher and PhD candidate. She’s sharing anti-racist book lists and tips for being an ally. 

28. fullerteachingresources is a teacher working on her doctorate degree. She shares statistics and information about the inequalities students of color face in the education system.

29. drcourtneyrose is an educational consultant offering resources and information for anti-racist classrooms, such as a guide to avoiding cultural appropriation when incorporating diversity.

30. sunny_in_socal is a second-grade teacher devoted to explaining to other white teachers the importance of talking about race, culture, identity, and social justice in the classroom.

It’s okay if you realize you’ve made mistakes as you learn more about equality and social justice. The important part is you’re learning, growing, and working to help make change happen now.

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30 Educators to Follow on Instagram For Helpful Antiracist Resources

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