30+ FREE Physical Education Classes & Resources For Kids at Home

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Parents across the world are trying to figure out how to navigate their child’s education while schools are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. PE might not seem like an important part of the equation, but making sure kids are active is vital to their overall wellbeing. It’s also important for parents to be physically active – both for their own health, as well as to set a good example for their children. Yes, gyms, exercise classes, trampoline parks, and playgrounds are closed, but there are still lots of options for exercising at home, even during a quarantine. We’ve put together a list of online PE resources and virtual exercise classes to keep families moving. 

Benefits of physical activity

We all need to be physically active more than ever. Here are some of the benefits of exercise according to the CDC:

  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Improved thinking, learning and judgment skills
  • Better sleep
  • Helps achieve or maintain a healthy weight
  • Boosts immunity
  • Strengthens bones and muscles
  • Improves flexibility, endurance, strength, and speed 
  • Reduces the risk of many serious health conditions 

Lesson plans, games, and resources for physical fitness

These resources will help kids understand the importance of exercise. They also offer fun games, challenges, printables, and videos. 

1. PE Central has videos, skill challenges, and lesson plans. 

2. Log It lets kids enter the number of steps they took each day and track how far they’ve traveled on a virtual map.

3. PBS Kids has videos about the importance of exercise from popular characters such as Arthur. 

4. Spark has free PE lesson plans from early childhood through high school. 

5. Healthy Children has articles on fitness, nutrition, health, mental wellness and specific sports. 

6. Exploritorium explores the science of popular sports including baseball, basketball and skateboarding. 

7. Fitness Monopoly was created by PE teacher Rob Pohlner. Print out the board for an active twist on family game night. 

8. Kids Quiz has daily quizzes on fitness and health topics. 

9. Let’s Move has resources and ideas for helping families eat nutritiously and be physically active. 

10. Kids Health has articles on the importance of exercise for parents, kids and teens. 

11. STEM Sports combines physical activity and cognitive thinking and it’s pretty awesome! Your kids will be asked to reflect on things like Newton’s Third Law while dribbling a basketball — STEM and PE combined at its finest!

Exercise classes for all ages! 

Many activities are fun for the whole family to do together. Adapt as needed and try out a different class (or more!) each day. Moving together is a great way to break up the day and build memories that will last long after the quarantine. It’s okay if you aren’t good at it – in fact, laughing together while you try to learn new moves will probably make it even more fun!

12. Daily Burn is streaming over 2,000 free exercise classes. 

13. Sass Class is posting daily dance classes on YouTube set to popular songs to make participants feel like they’re in a music video. 

14. RevFitness is offering their fun, high-energy classes free through their Facebook group. 

15. The Body Coach is conducting virtual PE classes each weekday. 

16. Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube teaches movement through song, story and popular movies. 

17. YMCA is offering video versions of over 60 exercise classes including yoga, barre, boot camp, weight lifting and boxing. 

18. YMCA 360 offers shorter 15-minute exercise video options.

19. Debbie Allen actress, director, choreographer and dancer,  is teaching dance classes on Instagram live. Check out her Instagram page for the schedule. 

20. Down Dog is a yoga app currently free to students and teachers. 

21. Les Mills is giving free access to hundreds of online workouts, including boxing, body pump, barre and so much more until the COVID-19 crisis passes. 

22. Fitness Blender has hundreds of free workouts searchable by body parts worked, interest and equipment available. 

23. Stretch and Grow of the Rockies specializes in quick physical brain break sessions. Have the YouTube channel bookmarked to pull up whenever kids (or adults!) need to get some wiggles or frustrations out stat.  

24. Strong by Zumba has free 7, 20 and 30-minute videos to squeeze in some movement during a brain break. 

25. Beach Body has released free kids’ workouts, including Shaunt T’s Fit Kid Club.

26. Planet Fitness is streaming daily 20-minute workouts that don’t require any equipment. 

27. Core Power Yoga is offering free access to many online classes. 

28. A Mindful Heart is offering a free slow flow yoga and meditation class.

29. Lady Gaga’s former backup dancer Mark Kanemura is doing daily dance classes on Instagram. 

30. Breathe & Learn is offering free online yoga classes. These classes incorporate breathing exercises, movement, story, journaling, and song. 

One of the best perks of physical exercise? Movement is fun! Make sure your whole family is getting it in as a form of joy and play throughout the day. Challenge each other to a pushup challenge, to learn a new dance or to try a new activity together. These online PE resources and virtual exercise classes are a great way to come out of quarantine with stronger bodies, mental health, and relationships. 

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30+ FREE Physical Education Classes & Resources For Kids at Home

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