3D Bitmojis Are Next Level – Here’s How to Wow Your Students!

3D Bitmojis Are Next Level - Here's How to Wow Your Students!

This is one of the most exciting bitmoji hacks we’ve seen! As if 2D bitmojis weren’t engaging enough, some teachers have found a way to make 3D bitmojis come to life! Here’s how to make your bitmoji literally dance across the screen.

How to make 3D bitmojis:

Step 1:

Go to the search engine in Snapchat and type “bitmoji.” Scroll down to Lenses and choose one filter.

How to make a virtual classroom in three dimension!

Step 2:

Record your bitmoji dancing around in the filter you chose by holding down the Snapchat recorder. Save the recording.

Step 3:

Visit the website unscreen.com from your phone, which turns your bitmoji into a GIF.

Step 4:

Upload your video clip by clicking “upload” and choose the option “transparent”

Bitmoji tutorial

Step 5:

Click “download” then either add the download to your drive, email the download to yourself, or airdrop it to your MacBook if you’re using all Apple products.

Teacher tech hacks

Step 6:

Once the GIF is successfully on your laptop, go to your bitmoji classroom and click Insert > Drive (if you uploaded the GIF to your drive) OR Upload from Computer if you saved the GIF to your desktop

Making a 3D bitmoji

It’s a lot of steps, but so worth it! Check out the moving version of the 3D bitmoji:

Bitmoji 3d Bored_Teachers

Think of all the ways you can use this fun tool to up student engagement. This is such a cool teach tech hack. We can’t wait to see all the creative ways you incorporate your 3D bitmoji into lesson plans – especially during the holiday season. Check out these Halloween classrooms for inspiration.

Don’t have a bitmoji classroom yet? No worries! Start here.

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3D Bitmojis Are Next Level - Here's How to Wow Your Students!

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