+400 FREE Math Worksheets For All Ages That Your Kids Will Actually Love

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Math homework has struck fear in the hearts of parents for generations. Many parents doubt their own math abilities and that hour spent at the kitchen table trying to help their child can be the most stressful part of the day. The only thing that gets them through is knowing there’s a great teacher to fill in the gaps the next school day. But with the current school closures, parents are feeling great pressure to teach kids at home. Fortunately, the following online math resources are available, including free daily math workbooks and a wide variety of fun worksheets kids will actually be excited to tackle. 

Benefits of math worksheets:

Worksheets aren’t just busy work when it comes to math. Here are some of the ways worksheets help with math comprehension. Worksheets: 

  • provide a clear summary of content
  • reinforce specific skills
  • give students a safe space to practice at their own pace
  • help students focus on specific subject matter 
  • make it easier to see the big picture
  • tap into previously learned skills while building new ones
  • help children comprehend and communicate math ideas
  • allow hands-on experience after hearing or reading about a concept 

Here are some of our favorite math worksheets to get you started. Each of these packets includes dozens of worksheets broken down by grade level. There are options for everyone! 


Skills include counting, addition, subtraction, patterns, measuring and coin recommendation. 

Kindergarten Free math worksheets

Download this FREE printable math bundle for kindergarteners HERE.
*Includes 39 different worksheets!*

1st grade

Concepts include basic arithmetic, telling time, and word problems. There’s even a math mystery to work on.

1st Grade FREE Math Worksheets

Download this FREE printable math bundle for 1st graders HERE.
*Includes 50 different worksheets!*

2nd grade

Math puzzles make kids forget they’re doing schoolwork. There’s even a cool speed game using a fidget spinner that challenges kids to see how many problems they can finish before it stops spinning.

2nd grade FREE Math Worksheets

Download this FREE printable math bundle for 2nd graders HERE.
*Includes 40 different worksheets!*

3rd grade

Worksheets make visualizing multiplication and division concepts much easier. Grownups will get a chuckle out of word problems like, “Emily is 14. She’s old. But her mom is MUCH older.”

3rd grade

Download this FREE printable math bundle for 3rd graders HERE.
*Includes 52 different worksheets!*

4th grade

Many panic when word problems start getting more complicated, but these worksheets help students break them down into manageable parts. 

4th Grade

Download this FREE printable math bundle for 4th graders HERE.
*Includes 55 different worksheets!*

5th grade

Yes, even practicing decimals, fractions and graphing is fun with the right worksheets!

5th Grade

Download this FREE printable math bundle for 5th graders HERE.
*Includes 65 different worksheets!*

6th grade

The problems are longer and more complicated in 6th grade, but worksheets help students go through the process step-by-step with fun graphics like daredevil bikers pedaling off trapezoids. 

6th Grade

Download this FREE printable math bundle for 6th graders HERE.
*Includes 62 different worksheets!*

Middle school

Algebra concepts give many parents anxiety, but these worksheets offer fun puzzles and interesting word problems to help students grasp more complex concepts. 

Middle school

Download this FREE printable math bundle for middle schoolers HERE.
*Includes 41 different worksheets!*

Teachers, are you looking for math resources to send parents to work on with their kids at home? This free weekly math workbook has games, coloring pages, challenges, worksheets, a sample schedule, tips for parents and more!

Math doesn’t have to be stressful for students or parents. Look through math resources and find what you think might work for your students. Print it out and give it a go. Trial and error is okay. You should also feel free to piece lessons together from different sources. You can even enlist the help of older siblings or call up math whiz Aunt Kate for a Facetime session. Just because schools are closed doesn’t mean parents are alone and expected to do everything on their own. Deep breaths. You’ve got this. Yes, even math. 

FREE Math Worksheets Edhelper Bored Teachers

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