50+ Websites for Early Learners To Continue Learning From Home

50+ Websites for Early Learners To Continue Learning From Home

For the many teachers transitioning to virtual classrooms and the millions of parents looking for resources to keep kids learning in the meantime, this list is for you! Covering all subjects, from math to science, language arts, social studies, art, and music, these are some of the best educational resources you can find on the internet for early learners.

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1. Khan Academy Kids is designed for ages 2-7.

2. Cookie has interactive counting and early math games for ages 3-6.

3. Education.com has preschool math games, such as a counting pizza party.

4. The National Association for Young Children has many suggestions for teaching math to young children at home.

5. Math at Home offers resources for teaching early math skills starting with infants and continuing through early elementary. 

6. Get Ready to Read explains the importance of early math skills when it comes to literacy and offers resources for assessing and strengthening skils. 

7. ABC Mouse is currently offering free subscriptions to their program, which includes preschool math.


8. Raising Dragons is filed with online science activities for toddlers and preschoolers.

9. Ooey Gooey has a long list of preschool science activities. 

10. Little Bins for Little Hands is dedicated to the youngest scientists. 

11. ABC Mouse is currently free and has early childhood science curriculum. 

12. Happy Hooligans offers simple science activities. 

13. Fun Learning for Kids has 30 hands-on science activities for little ones. 

14. Playdough to Plato has step-by-step activities on fun topics like rainbows and butterflies.

15. Hands On as We Grow has a long list of experiments for preschoolers using household products. 

16. Preschool Steam explains the importance of science and how to incorporate it into learning play for young children. 

17. Very Well Family has eight recipes for homemade playdough, a fun science activity. 


18. PBS lets kids have storytime with their favorite characters. 

19. Reading Rockets is filled with info to teach parents how to introduce little ones to language arts. It also has fun activity ideas.

20. E-Learning for Kids has fun games on letter recognition, sounds, parts of a book and more.

21. That Bald Chick offers free printables, including ABC crafts and sight words. 

22. ABC Mouse is currently free and has fun language arts games and puzzles.

23. Free Children Stories doesn’t require downloads or evening signing in. This a great option to try new stories. 

24. ABC Ya! has fun letter games.

25. Funbrain, Jr. has games, stories, and printables. 

26. Oxford Owl offers free children’s audiobook downloads. 

27. Starfall is filled with games to teach letter recognition and other early reading skills. 

28. Storyline Online offers free videos of celebrities reading children’s books. 


29. Fortune Cookie Mom has free printables for teaching preschoolers about Chinese culture. 

30. Young Children magazine from the National Association of Young Children has a great article on teaching social studies to little ones. 

31. Scholastic has a guide for parents on teaching social studies to preschoolers. 

32. Jumpstart has social studies games and worksheets. 

33. Education.com has printable worksheets about community helpers, feelings, maps and more.

34. Warren County Educational Service Center has put together a long list of preschool social study activities for parents. 

35. Supply Me has 68 preschool social studies lesson plans. 

36. Leapfrog has printables, activities and videos on geography, culture, history and more for early education. 

37. The Educator’s Spin On It has a fun harvest lesson plan to teach preschoolers about geography and cultures. 

38. Love to Know features free preschool printables and activities on cultures, geography, relationships and more.


39. The Center for Puppetry Arts has workshops, museum tours & live streaming puppet shows!

40. Crayola has videos and instructions for art projects to do at home.

41. Sesame Street has videos, games and activities to make art and music with favorite characters.

42. Kinderart offers info on teaching art to preschoolers as well as a large database of activities.

43. Jumpstart has lesson plans on teaching color through art.

44. PBS Kids has music games and activities. 

45. A Place of Our Own will show you how to make musical instruments with your preschooler out of recycled material.

46. Nick, Jr. has a preschool music maker game.

47. Activity Village has instructions for dozens of preschool arts and crafts projects. 

48. Daria has fun music videos from around the world. 

49. ABC Ya! has drawing, coloring and painting games.

6. Hands-on Enrichment Activities

Check out this article with all the links you need for finance, photography, videos, coding, computer & STEM, writing, sewing, cursive & calligraphy, typing and foreign language!

7. Physical Education

Check out this article for online PE classes and resources for kids all ages!

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50+ Websites for Early Learners To Continue Learning From Home

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